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The Long Road Back

When someone asked Benjimin Franklin what kind of government have you created? Franklin's reply " A Republic if you can keep it." As poignant as that quote was is still very much on the minds of many some 235 years later. It has been said that America's fall from grace is much like Ancient Rome. They may be right considering the polarization and corruption flowing in and around Washinton DC. Still there are those who think we can pull ourselves out of the quagmires we have allowed to put the United States into.

It should be noted that the Inaugural Address by President John Kennedy set an agenda and plan of direction for the US for the next decade and beyond. Tragically that great inspirational leadership has never again lifted the hearts and minds of generations of Americans to fulfill that promise of a brighter future for all Americans. We have lost sight of the lessons that history is supposed to teach us.

Remembering the Declaration of Independence opening" When in the course of human events" One of the most profound written documents in history has been sadly overshadowed by human events that are playing out today. Human events have always been orchestrated by man's attempt to undermine one's liberties, freedoms, and education. It is very evident in this the 21st century. The United States is now being handed over to a totalitarian ruling class. A syndicate of individuals whose methodology has reduced our ability to synchronize a unification of our nation and bring peace to the world. A world that is fast approaching Armageddon.

The polarization, the corruption and the collusion with the media has splintered this nation. The divides have run so deep we just may be end up like Ancient Rome. We should always look back to point our way to the future. Abrham Lincoln " A nation divided against itself cannot stand." The long road back to unity and balance in our society will not happen when there is so much discord, corruption, and a self-perpetuating political machine in keeping the status-quo

That long road back begins with that first step in realizing how far we have lost sight of our Herriage and what it truly means to be an American and a citizen of the world. We always have to remember the great inspirational leaders of our past like Washington, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, and Kennedy and what they stood for. In doing so we can again triumph over adversity and achieve that promise of that brighter future for us all.
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Well said!

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