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Mug shots and names of the arrested?

Can the police publish names, mug shots and profiles of the radicalized students and their radicallizers who are arrested during campus uprisings?
4meAndyou · F
That would be great!! And then black list every single mother effing one of them so they have to flip burgers for the rest of their lives.
Heartlander · 80-89, M
@4meAndyou Some communities have police blotter reports that show the mugshots and offences. The public has a right to know who the thugs are. Especially now with catch and release policies in so many communities.
@BohemianBoo Remix bros!!!!!!!!
@BohemianBoo You wish for money? Get a job.
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I believe it depends on the local laws, but as far as I know, most places in the US state that their must be a name and mug shot made available as the police are a public service and public domain allows the public find out what the police have been up to.
calicuz · 51-55, M
Yes, it's public domain.
After being found not guilty a good attorney might be able to have them removed from public record.
Theyitis · 36-40, M
Wtf? I thought conservatives were defenders of “free speech”? Now they want to not only arrest but also publicly humiliate anyone who exercises free speech they disagree with!
Heartlander · 80-89, M
@calicuz An in-your-face mob shouting and blocking traffic at the intersection of Broadway and Main is not a constitutionally blessed assembly. It's a reason to call the cops to clear the way so others can go about their business.
Theyitis · 36-40, M
@Heartlander Really? Where in the Constitution is shouting or blocking traffic forbidden?
calicuz · 51-55, M

Sorry, I forgot to say "within the confines of the law."
RedBaron · M
This will have to do for now. 🤣
Name: Donald J Trump

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