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If Snoozy-Insurrectionist-Cry-Baby-trump's University hadn't been shut down for fraud and corruption, would there have been on-campus protests?

I don't remember there being much of a campus for Trump U. I thought it was mostly an online or correspondence scam.
MarkPaul · 26-30, M
@MistyCee Oh no... it was not an online experience. it was in a building and the students met, physically. And, to honour the claim they would be able to have their pictures taken with Cry-Baby-trump (at the time), the school has a life-size cut-out of Cry-Baby-trump that students could stand next to have their picture snapped. Surprisingly, sadly, and pathetically many students did so even though that was one of the things they included in their complaint as part of the scam. The school insisted they met their obligation. The court sided with the students.
fanuc2013 · 51-55, F
Is it possible to protest your comments?
@fanuc2013 Yes, don't answer the questions.
MarkPaul · 26-30, M
@fanuc2013 I believe you have... on many occasions. You still can, so there is no need to assume the role of a victim unless doing so makes you feel closer and more like Snoozy-Insurrectionist-Cry-Baby-trump... I suppose.
justanothername · 51-55, M
That’s a whataboutism.

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