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To American conservatives whining about the debt ceiling. Go tell Visa or Mastercard you don't feel like paying your bill and let me know how that

works out for you.

Oh and according to Moody's Analytics the cuts your represeentatives are demanding are projected to do more damage to the US economy than a short national default. Think about that for a second.

A short term default means 1 million Americans lose their jobs.

Those cuts will cost 2 million Americans their job and a recession.

Have fun with that.
On the phone with the cisco holding theme wish me luck 馃槀 There should be less spending as a result of less government. Not opposed to government spending on welfare or investing in communities, etc
@BritishNRASupporter FYI. Social welfare is not socialist. The welfare state was created by conservatives to undermine socialists. Make people just slightly less miserable so they don't revolt.
@PicturesOfABetterTomorrow So I'm not as inconsistent as I thought, perhaps it was inspired by Keynsian economics...
@BritishNRASupporter Nope. The welfare state was created by German conservatives and monarchists around the 1850s or 60s. Right after the socialist revolutions of the 1840s.

Don't think John Maynard Keynes was even born yet.

Was under the rule of Otto Von Bismark.
Elessar26-30, M
The default might not be an unwanted consequence, but exactly the thing they're trying to cause.

It may be for leverage (Trump seems in a bad place legally; also the sh*tstorm ensuing from it would 100% be blamed on Biden, rest assured), it might be to cause further instability, it might be a simply a [i]favor [/i]they owe to Russia.
@Elessar No need to go into Russiagate conspiracy theories. A recent poll shows the GOP base don't even really care if they win the election. They will go along with anything to "own the libs." And frankly the way they are talking these days they likely support taking power by the barrel of the gun vs the ballot box.

US politics have become about your side winning the culture war if you are on the right. They also don't seem to give a damn if they take down the country in the process. Heck they openly talk about a "national divorce."
Elessar26-30, M
@PicturesOfABetterTomorrow There's plenty of hard evidence suggesting which groups, narratives and political forces the Kremlin pushes and funds internationally, and it's quite naive to assume that happens without expecting anything in return out of charity and "ideological sympathy". The only serious investigation on the matter didn't conclude nor absolve anyone and was also heavily obstructed by the Trump admin. which isn't the behavior of someone who's clean if you ask me.

That's the thinking process of the elector, not of the representative. Short of maybe MTG, the rest of them are there for defending someone's interests, and no one based domestically benefits from their country defaulting on its debt. So the possible scenarios are essentially three:

1) They're defending the interests of someone who's based abroad and who was to earn from the U.S. getting economically destabilized; the choices aren't many, and ultimately will have to be a proxy of Russia and/or China if so

2) They're bluffing, will use the bluff for political leverage, but eventually will back off and vote to raise the ceiling (and this will be a risky game of who blinks first that they hope to win)

3) They're really naive and don't know it's going to hurt his a搂搂 too (which is the least likely, but nonetheless still within the realm of possibilities)

I don't think any of the three can be excluded categorically with what we have.
boudinMan61-69, M
so, if your credit card bill is soaring, just continue on with your spending spree... is that your answer?
@boudinMan You do realize crashing the economy is equivalent to giving yourself a pay cut to try and pay your bills. Great logic there.
boudinMan61-69, M
@PicturesOfABetterTomorrow it is great logic... cutting spending totally makes sense, and i assure you, it will have to be done. it's just a matter of when.
@boudinMan I see you have reading comprehension trouble. What the GOP is demanding is the equivalent of trying to make massive cuts to your spending including essentials and then going to your boss and demanding a pay cut at the same time.
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@swirlie I did make one mistake. DOD can't account for 61% of their assets, not 56%. Guess I misremembered.


5 failed audits.
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@swirlie Ummm. Pretending I am a right winger because I proved you wrong is a really silly tactic.

I am a communist. So not right wing and no I don't support right wing idiots.

And claiming Yahoo news is right wing propaganda is creative.

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