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Moscow recruiting rt wing Americans to come to Russia and join Putin's merry men.

One simple rule - we don't take returns. When they board that flight to Moscow, they do so on their Russian passport, and their US citizenship is revoked the minute the plane takes off.

JonathanC · 61-69, M
I encourage them to go. The thought of them dying the disgusting death that certainly awaits them gives me the warm fuzzies.
Vin53 · M
I'd put these idiots straight on the front line.

@Vin53 the best possible cannon fodder
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
Vin53 · M
Here you go right wingers. Your dream invitation. Try not to slip in your own spooge on the way to your yearly shower before the flight.
Good riddance to white trash.
Slade · 56-60, M
@Vin53 Cowardly pussy
Vin53 · M

I can see why you would see that as big boy talk.

But I'm an actual adult and have no reason to put up with such a petulant child as you.

Good day sir.
Slade · 56-60, M
@Vin53 You're fantasizing about sending half of Americans to their death and I am the one being petulant 👍
FukFaceWillie · 41-45, M
Long way away from the Lincoln Brigade.
deadgerbil · 22-25
I'm not surprised. The vast majority of pro Russia sentiments come from conservatives. Makes sense since Russia is pretty conservative itself with social issues and religion
Vin53 · M
I'm sick of democrats coddling this blatant lying madness that is the current rt wing.

Just fucking filet them on their lies at every single chance.
Carla · 61-69, F
Our cultists only really want to kill their own countrymen. Mostly by social media shots. They are patriots, after all.
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
SusanInFlorida · 26-30, F
why do we still have civilian airline service to a nation committing war crimes?
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
@SusanInFlorida What the fuck? That's insane.
SusanInFlorida · 26-30, F
@LordShadowfire google "aeroflot flights from USA". There are evidently a dozen or more airports with continued regular service.
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
@SusanInFlorida I just...

I just can't with humans.
tindrummer · M
good riddance - hope they end up on Sakhalin manning fishing boats
Slade · 56-60, M
Daily Kos the source. What a d-bag.

Was Pravda down again?
Would be a bizarre thing if they ended up going up against Misanthropic Division a far right international unit with ties to Azov Battalion. Far right idiots shooting at each other from both sides.
specman · 46-50, M
We should send all the far left movements to Russia and let them ruin their country.
Lol then they’ll really have merry men
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
@specman You misspelled "right".
Vin53 · M
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
No sane person believes this
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
@HoraceGreenley I like that. Is that going to be your new profile picture? It fits you perfectly.
HoraceGreenley · 56-60, M
@LordShadowfire I provided it for you
specman · 46-50, M
You mean right is supposed to be ruin is?
I guess if you truly agree with all the liberal movements. Well honestly I don’t.
ChipmunkErnie · 70-79, M
On the bright side, maybe if they go they won't be able to vote for the GOP next election.
jimjim1969 · M
Lol, that's great! We got to help them leave.
jshm2 · 41-45, M
It's likely more American propaganda
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
Good riddance to elephant shit.
The Russians may not let the Jan 6 brigade return home anyway ...

Warning, graphic (guy gets his head smashed with a sledgehammer):

LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
Bro, why did you delete my comment to Horace?
Vin53 · M
@LordShadowfire Yes, that was my bad sorry.
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
@Vin53 It's all good. Accidents happen.

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