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“Watching sunsets boost mental health!”

[b]“Watching sunsets boost mental health!”
This was on Drudge Report. Which tries to include at least one “good news” item a day. As a break from the nonstop reality of Russian War Crimes; lying American politicians; celebrities who just kicked the bucket; crashing stocks/crypto . . .


Sunset therapy is, of course, the conclusion of a university study. I did NOT go back and check if it's the same university that concluded depression can be banished by

1. Sunlamp use during winter
2. owning a dog
3. smiling at the a$$hole who lives next door
4. prayer to a graven image, or a cloud.
5. taking a walk in the park . . .

I'm sure there still other taxpayer funded studies on how to be happy which I haven't seen yet.

I try to do all the things above. Except smile for the drug dealing homeboys on my block and praying to the god(s) who created them. I might even try to find a webcam featuring sunsets and cast it to my TV. See if it actually works better than the puppy cam or aquarium cam.

These studies NEVER come up with a recommendation like “stop drinking”; “enter drug rehab”; “step back from violent videogames and porn”; “turn the TV off when someone gets raped or burned to death on Game of Thrones.”

I'm actually a big Game of Thrones fan. But probably not for the same reasons as most other people. When you ask why THEY watch, people say stuff like “White Walkers” “Flying Dragons burning a thousand people at once”; and “Daenerys Targaryen nekkid - yeah!”

George RR Martin, the (print) author of Game of Thrones, gave an interview once where he expressed dismay that TV viewers had no clue the whole series was a fictionalized account of European history centuries ago. Perhaps because GOT is actually a zombie apocalypse TV show with a sex crime or murder in every episode. Ratings are coming!

Back to sunsets, and mental health. I honestly don't think sunsets will make that much difference. If this stuff worked, pyschiatrists would prescribe “one sunset before bed, and take the dog for a walk in the morning”. Instead, there is a line 10 cars long at the medical marijuana dispensary for prescription pot.

Having more sex probably makes you less angry and depressed. Provided you're not married to someone you can't stand. INCELS (involuntary celibate men) certainly seem to be consumed by rage against women. Quite a number of them believe women should conscripted as government employed hookers to give them relief without the bother of them being civil to people. Others just want to grope us in bars, and spit on us when we complain. (This really happened to me).

I have nothing against sunsets. Or university studies about them at taxpayer expense.

It's all the OTHER bad news on Drudge every day that's making me depressed.
Ynotisay · M
Interesting. Zero studies on why drinking is harmful, huh? No research on rehabs or the impact of video games? And you even capitalized "NOTHING." Kind of a big word, huh?
And depression being "banished" by feel good activities? Uh...
I guess it's good you don't have an issue with taxpayer-funded University studies though. Especially when the University is in the UK. And part of the Russell Group. Kind of a big deal there.
Well, at least we know why you spew what you spew. The Drudge Report has that affect on certain types. Could be wrong but I'm getting the sense that you have ZERO connection to nature. That explains a lot too. Your loss.
SusanInFlorida · 26-30, F
@Ynotisay there are plenty of studies establishing the impact of alcohol on liver and brain function. but noting related to depression. most wine afficionados and their enabling medical professionals at this point dredge up a story about how wine is good for heart health, or you live 18 months longer than a non-drinker or whatever. Nothing specific to depression.
Ynotisay · M
@SusanInFlorida Nothing? Again, that's a big word. It's like "all." Rarely applicable and needs to be used appropriately.
@SusanInFlorida I’d be more depressed if I [i]didn’t[/i] drink. But YRMV.
The GoT TV show seemed to get worse every season. It’s too bad GRRM won’t finish the book series as it’s actually pretty good. In some ways, better than LOTR in its inclusion of religion as a guiding force for humanity (for better or worse). Religion is mostly absent from LOTR and in Harry Potter, is limited to Christmas dinner.

Also, GRRM is a master at filling the reader in on the world’s past without stopping the action. Characters refer to past events the way Americans might refer to the Civil War or Pearl Harbor as something everyone is familiar with.
@SusanInFlorida I've read Campbell, and also Frazier's "Golden Bough." They're both very western-centric, and Campbell was reportedly a white supremacist. However, you're correct that the hero's journey is a major trope. It's certainly an element in LOTR and Harry Potter. Although LOTR is just a small part of Tolkien's canon (not in terms of words, but as part of his world's total timeline). LOTR takes place over, what, 30 years from start to finish? The Silmarillion covers thousands of years of history and as Tolkien described it, LOTR was part of the "branching acquisitive theme." There's really no one hero in the Silmarillion.

Anyway, I was also an English lit major. I don't think any of the above are considered great literature on the level of Shakespeare, Milton, Donne, Keats, Joyce, and the other giants of the language.
SusanInFlorida · 26-30, F
@LeopoldBloom there's a difference between novels/mythology/epic poems, vs short stories, sonnets, globe theater plays. You can't achieve deep character development in one hour.
@SusanInFlorida I wouldn't say [i]Ulysses[/i] is an example of the hero's journey. And the Simarillion is definitely an epic mythological work. It's more like the Bible than anything else - a vast panoply of characters across many generations.
LordShadowfire · 46-50, M
Reading news about crypto crashing makes me laugh.
This message was deleted by its author.
SusanInFlorida · 26-30, F
@zeedroid proving once again that satirization of the news goes completely over the head of humorless obsessives.

thanks for your reply

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