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Militia and rights to one

We the people have the right to bear arms and form a militia, not only is it our right, it is our duty for the nation. People will rise to power and we need to fight tyranny with the people.
i'd rather just have a beer and be kind to my neighbour and watch some nfl playoffs with my cat on this fine sunday.
Unserve · 16-17, M
@beermeplease where do you come from?
@Unserve look at my profile...hint... 🍁
Unserve · 16-17, M
@beermeplease awesome, depending on who you ask you may need one but otherwise awesome. God speed brother.
You are a little confused. Why would there be an amendment in any constitution that encourages armed rebellion?
Unserve · 16-17, M
@JonLosAngeles66 And? It does not matter if they are or are not they still exist + typically white supremacists are conservative and believe in gun rights, you won't see a liberal picking up many guns and training with them. And also not all conservatives are white supremacists.
@Unserve but all militia members are.
Unserve · 16-17, M
@JonLosAngeles66 not all militia members are white supremisists, thats like saying all liberals are communist or all democrats wanna take guns away.
Vin53 · M
Knock yourself out.
Unserve · 16-17, M
@Vin53 I am so happy to have your approval
Vin53 · M
No prob. Good luck with your militia against US armed forces. If you're lucky you'll take down a drone before your army is annihilated.
Unserve · 16-17, M
@Vin53 I am not gonna fight the US military, I would fight the theoretical authoritarian government.

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