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Classified douments

I've worked for Governments and I have worked for large corporations. When I got hired at each, there was training about knowing the difference between "work stuff" and "personal stuff". The main conclusion no matter where I have worked - taking work stuff home is a no-no. Doesn't matter if it is classified, top secret, or a red swingline stapler. You don't take work stuff home. Even in a "work from home" environment, most places seem to have clarified policies regarding taking original files home - or even non-digital copies. This is why I don't understand the issue with Biden and Trump having government documents at their residences.

Trump I can kinda make an excuse for because his whole life he has been the boss and doesn't play by others' rules. On the other hand - it is someone's job to make sure he knows the rules. My beef here is that he decided to make a big deal out of it when he was asked to return stuff. He could have simply said, "Oh - I was unaware" and given it back, and nobody would have had to find out about it.

Biden baffles me here. I suppose on one hand it could have been deliberate, but that goes against the "senile idiot" theory. I can think of a few things to possibly explain both cases:

1) these items werent clear whether they were personal or government property.
2) presidents/VPs handle such a huge volume of stuff that it's nearly impossible to keep straight.
3) Stuff is handled quickly by poorly trained staffers or interns.
4) Deliberate attempts at hiding stuff or using official stuff for personal gain.

So far I have seen no evidence for #4 in either case, but it would not shock me in either case. But if any of the 4 are true, that says the USA has a big problem with how it handles information - and this likely goes well beyond the POTUS.
scrood · 26-30
The VICE president has NO AUTHORITY to declassify material, explicit or understood, under ANY law. Therefore Biden is LAWLESS, a RENEGADE (Barry's nickname), and above the law. President Trump declassified docs, cooperated fully with National Archives, and had secret service guarding the location. By result Obummer is GUILTY for these classified docs being STOLEN by his Vp and must be raided IMMEDIATELY by the FBI at each of his multimillion dollar mansions. Biden stores state secrets, NUCLEAR CODES!!! at garages, Chinese clubs, basement, Epstein island, etc. just about anywhere and NO ONE knows where they are. Who accessed these docs? Who was Biden selling them to? How many people came within five feet of these classified docs? When is Biden going to Guantanamo Bay?
Pherick · 41-45, M
#2 works for Biden. The volume of stuff for him is pretty small and the items seem to be daily briefing sheets, things you might take with you for a call later or to review later.

#4 definitely works for trump, there were deliberate attempts to dissuade the government from getting the documents they knew trump had, hence why it took an FBI raid to get the crap from Mar-a-Lago.

Biden and trumps offenses are vastly different, but as you mention they do point out some issues with the way our government handles Classified materials.
ChipmunkErnie · 70-79, M
Trump stole the stuff, lied, and tried to keep it. Biden's staff mispacked some stuff.
Maybe it shows utter contempt for the public trust.
Maybe a government should be more transparent.
MasterLee · 51-55, M
You never did any of that

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