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Movie & Music Piracy Acceptable to a Growing Number of U.S. Households


I'm of that 25%.

Honestly my reasons for supporting Piracy on all fronts have actually shifted over time to the point where I do have a moral defense of my position.

It's short, Content in it's official form is often deliberately under produced in order to harness the benefits of Artifical scarcity. Even though it could be produced at wider and expected scale Greed gets in the way- This is all well and good for awhile honestly but the ramifications end up biting Society in the ass in the long run. Piracy is a moral good because it has a perservative unintended consequence but still this is good.

What do I mean? All of our Storage mediums including HDD and Solid State Drives experience decay.

If nothing else what Piracy has done so far by digitizing so much is make it very difficult to scrub from the internet, The oldeest torrents are now over 20 years old and are still running and stil seeded.

In fact there was a number of years ago a huge activist push to reseed a lot of old content in order to bring the health of Older torrents back up.

In essence I might be in violation of Copyright law, but I am a Librarian of sorts, and an Archivist.

Occasionally this means I have to resplace an HDD, because they will fail eventually.

i'm now a voice in defense of Copyright Infringement. Very vocally. I run apologetics for it.
Entwistle · 51-55, M
I like pirated cd's and dvd's. I wouldn't pay full price for the official ones anyway so the big companies aren't losing out.
There is fuck all on torrent sites these days
@Ozymandiaz I think watering pcs down to make them accesssible to tech illiterate morons with an IQ of 70 was a mistake. Tech Illiterate idiots create Career's it's true but They 're also a Security risk.
@Ozymandiaz [media=https://youtu.be/S8s9uzPIqQ4] I'd be annoyed by her at first but in the end hail her as my hero.
So what I'm hearing is it doesn't matter to you that a struggling band that might have had some awesome hits has to dissolve and the members have to get other jobs because people stole their music.
@LordShadowfire I would proposse you just go to their show and cut the middle men out of the equation. as far as pirating the record no I don't give a fuck. If you want to support a band buying their CD is pretty much the worst way. Go their show buy some merch like a tshirt and the CD from them directly if you must.

No one cares there because we all know the bigger victims of it are not the band but the record labels.

Who BTW are fucking them even harder now than before. Why is this one always about us and our individual responsibility when there's a huge Elephant in the room hanging over everything? I'm a bad guy becuase I illegally copy some shit while what the Record labels insist on changing the product denying promoting certain stuff having creative control over it and then SIPHON away 99/100s of the profit?

I'm not the bad guy here, I'm just a fucking distraction form them.

Our whole cult of individualism is a dysfunctional sickness, always blame the individual and not the structural forces which if were changed would change human behavior, but no, always pin responsibility to e literally morally perfect on every individual @.@

Why can't we see that Individualism is corrosive and dysfunctional AND toxic and think outside the box? there are bigger structural villians at work here than I could ever be.

In a world without The record labels where musicians understood how to handle the business side of things and took care of it themselves I wouldn't feel this way, but I live in a Structure where big business does everything it can to exploit the artist and then points the finger of moral condemnation at the Pirates.

I'm not a part of the cult of individual responsibility, so I'm not about to accept that I'm a villian because other people see me that way.


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