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Let's add OCD to the pot

The FBI twice had to deal with Trump to retrieve stolen government documents, some of which were extremely sensitive, not once but twice. Has had to have property seized from Mar-a-Lago he lied about even possessing. All surrounding cronies have had their phones seized or been issued subpoenas.

So what’s Trump worried about?
[quote]It was 'ransacked,' and in far different condition than the way I left it," Trump wrote on Truth Social. "Many Agents - And they didn't even take off their shoes in my bedroom. Nice!!!"[/quote]

Nothing pathological to see here, folks.
HannibalAteMeOut · 22-25, F
Imagine cops entering a house to arrest someone and be like oh let me take my shoes off and wash my hands first. I mean he should have at least treated them with something, even if just a glass of water, if that was the case.
HannibalAteMeOut · 22-25, F
@basilfawlty89 she would still have socks on.
And you're putting your fetish over your ideals 🙄
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
@HannibalAteMeOut shhh, let me have my fun!
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
@HannibalAteMeOut *bites you*
During the Mar-a-Lago search, the FBI seized 11 sets of classified documents, including some marked "top secret" and some that may have concerned nuclear weapons.

Nobody cares about your carpets, thief.
I’m just happy to see Karma whooping his candy ass with a ‘Hillary-needs-this’ cane. 😈😂
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
OCD isn't a pawn in your political games, leave it out of this
@Jackaloftheazuresand You're an ass and, again, not your toy.

Go see if you can order someone else around.
Jackaloftheazuresand · 26-30, M
@SomeMichGuy blocked, you know why
@Jackaloftheazuresand I still see you.

Please block faster! And thanks!
JaggedLittlePill · 41-45, F
I wonder if it is OCD or simply something he could find to use. He tends to throw a laundry list of things into the mix...some randomly bizarre. .i think Melania is the one who had issue with shoes not being taken off (cause cops and FBI are gonna take their shoes off right?!) and he used it as a point. These are things someone else was irritated by.
Torsten · 36-40, M
do you ever get tired of obsessing over someone who does not even know you exist?
Graylight · 51-55, F
@independentone They've covered up all the mirrors in the place, I'm afraid. No reflection in that camp.
Torsten · 36-40, M
@independentone nope because I dont support anyone I dont know and I sure as hell dont support any politicians and glorify them like they are saints and heroes like yall do
Graylight · 51-55, F
@Torsten Just the blanket statements then?
They probably didn't genuflect before everything entering either.
@MistyCee Or offer up prayers, incense, pussies to be grabbed, ...
plinkplonk · F
When he speaks simply, imagine him speaking to his people in The Ozarks. He isn't speaking to us. Every time WE think he sounds like an incompetent boob his people think he is "relatable".
BackyardShaman · 61-69, M
I’m surprised he didn’t have the staff serve them pigs in a blanket and meatballs 🤔
@BackyardShaman They got their pig...
AthrillatheHunt · 51-55, M
I could see him being a germaphobe and the shoes thing really bothering him . Lol
@AthrillatheHunt LOL The biggest, best germaphobe ever...makes Howard Hughes like a lightweight...
You're following this like it's a soap opera.
@Roundandroundwego DJT and his whiners/apologists definitely make it so.
@SomeMichGuy and politics means something else. Antipolitics certainly threatens to drown out the public and stops progress.
@Roundandroundwego Until the tumor is excised, it must be watched carefully.

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