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A Republican and a Democrat walk into the SW bar

After a few drinks they start arguing about Trump versus Biden. The barkeep drags both of them outside by the ear and scolds them for ruining everyone's night.

The end. 馃榾
Everybody argues abut Trump Vs. Biden..One is going up, the other is sinking like a Rock...
@Dino11 One is the president the other one still thinks he is.
If it鈥檚 the 鈥減olitics" bar, no one there should be surprised. 馃檮
@circleK SW has a political section.
@bijouxbroussard I'm new, and maybe 80% of the recent posts involve politics, so I don't know what you're suggesting- if anything at all.
@circleK As someone else suggested, it鈥檚 possible to mute the category of "politics". That does cut down on the political posts that will appear in your feed, to some extent.
I鈥檒l bet if you walked into that bar, their political discussion would drop and you鈥檇 be their focus of attention!!
@soar2newhighs Probably. Guys drool over me for some reason.
@circleK your image is very nice. They drool? Shameful! But first their eyes light up, I鈥檓 sure. You are very attractive.
Keep 鈥榚m drooling!
Trump would tell the bartender to check Biden's birth certificate.
@softspokenman Lol, ironic, since Trump has the foreign-born parent. 馃槄
vetguy199151-55, M
Good story
I used to buy gas at circleK, until Biden made it unaffordable, so i found another place to purchase my gas, that benefitted local small businesses.
And yet you posted this political question.

And you hate what you posted?
@JimBeam Did I take sides? No. So bye already.

I find that sad.
Must have been like the presidential debate they almost had, trump throwing a tantrum on live tv. It must have been Biden's fault.
GerOttman61-69, M
Barkeeps are often Libertarians...
SatanBurger36-40, F
This is accurate lol
You can [i][u]mute[/u][/i] the politics [i][u]section[/u][/i] if that's not your thing

[image deleted]

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