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I like learning, the world is not black and white and so i like to get information and views from as many sides as possible

Yet, with so many people it's just "that source criticised my chosen side once so they are -insert label- so i wont listen". Yet they cannot explain why they dislike said source, neither can they even explain why they chose the side they chose. The attitude seems to be "I can continue to not think, and just consume, if I just box everything into "this side good, everyone else evil". And as someone who has many sympathies with left wing talking points, it is almost entirely from the left. I talk to people from all sides. But when I discuss something with someone on the right side, they will give me argument, data, personal experience etc and almost always do so with a respectful, friendly and charitable manner. And in many cases wish to help me with things or invite me to learn from their projects. But with the left, I get no solutions, no data, no argument, just "x group is bad that's why! You are against x group!" they expect me to just fall for a couple of minutes of regurgitated talking points, just "well they are so and so and that's all you need to know", and when I as diplomatically as possible disagree with them and give an argument as for why, they just ignore me....Until I mention something stupid like star wars or how the weather is.
it's going to sound like I'm on the right and am just making it up. I'm not. I was born into a socialist country, I've paid taxes and have used government services. I have many sympathies with some socialist talking points. However, I'm increasingly find it impossible to talk to anyone on the left which I find troubling as I identify with neither side and just wish to learn from honest discussion.
Anything main stream is bad for your brain.

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pianoplayingsteve · 26-30, M
[@327405,TheOneyouwerewarnedabout] There was a time where many understood that the tv is actually bad for you. Surprisingly it was when I was a kid, many were smarter as kids. Now, the TV has become internet articles and to many that suddenly makes them more credible. I guess when you don't want to think, it's easy to copypaste a link and pretend that is your view.

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