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A new Commision on how dumpy trump handled the pandemic?

Representative Schiff and Pelosi going to get another shot at donnie鈥檚 ass again!
Let鈥檚 do it! Impeachment number 2 馃コ馃槑
Torsten36-40, M
he will never be impeached. No one will take that shit seriously now
Torsten36-40, M
@Aliveshock lol yeah okay 馃槒
The governors of Florida and Georgia finally put their state on lockdown after realizing they were killing their people.
Could be a lot of sycophants in as much trouble.
dam I saw your recent comments.
I have no room for racists..bye!
Lolz.. you going to fall for all that Jazz again? 馃ぃ

Yup trumps the dummy..
Here we go again 馃憤
The Commission is forming.
Let the games begin! 馃コ
It might have meant something if Republican senators hadn't already proven they would acquit him on anything because it is all about party over all. Trump was right when he said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and nobody would do anything. It only works when you don't have the jury full of people as corrupt as he is.
@Aliveshock I agree but I think at least in the US the electoral process and the traditional means of getting justice are DOA too and this crisis is only proving that. The US is a corrupt plutocracy and has been for years. And when you give people no way to vote their way out of it things get interesting.
People are dying because this administration intentionally acted late.
If the US doesn鈥檛 have an election it won鈥檛 be the USA that patriots laid their life down for.
@Aliveshock No argument.

But if an election is the only requirement the Holy Roman Empire was a democracy.

An election that amounts to kabuki theatre is not what the nation was founded on either.

And as some older nations and even some of the people behind the American revolution understood is sometimes you have to tear things down and start over.

And unfortunately I think so of the mythology around the constitution and the founding of the United States and the founding fathers is used to maintain the status quo even though what currently exists neither serves the people or even upholds the values on which it was founded.
RodionRomanovitch56-60, M
They don't need a commission. His incompetence and his ignorance have already been laid bare for all to see.
We will be lucky to lose only 200,000 people. That is best case scenario.
Florida is totally screwed with Santos at the helm. We will have 200k just there.
FYI. Schiff is using corona as an excuse to not provide the warrant he used to get ph records on trumps personal lawyer. A journalist. And a sitting member of Congress 馃槑馃憤.

I鈥檒 give you a hint. There鈥檚 no warrant.. just like there鈥檚 no whistleblower
Chill chill chill you nosey aussies want it all at once. Let us savor the slow torture before the upcoming election. 馃槈

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