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I Like Politics

I just read a news report that President Trump of the USA has said his country should treat Germany as enemies because they were on opposite sides in the Second World War. If that is true, will be also treat the other Axis powers as enemies?

Interesting point. Of course, Mr Trump might also realise that the USA has also fought other nations in its history, including Great Britain during the 1812 -1814 war when the US was allied to Bonaparte, Spain in 1898, Mexico, France, Libya, Iraq, North Vietnam, North Korea, China, Canada. . . will they all be treated as foes?
bookerdana · M
Oh,just ignore him..most Americans do!✌️
bookerdana · M
@ThatMusgraveWoman No you'd be taking [b]his[/b]word for it😝
ThatMusgraveWoman · 70-79, F
@bookerdana Ok - evidently I am missing something here, so I won't argue. :-)
bookerdana · M
@ThatMusgraveWoman I'm only the messenger😷Trump said it
OwnerOfMany · 90-99, M
I would find the comment in context before I passed judgment. If that is a stand alone comment IN context, he is more of a dumbass than I thought he was. That would be a seriously stupid something to say, especially now.
ThatMusgraveWoman · 70-79, F
@OwnerOfMany It's probably taken well out of context but it's a good bit of light relief
Picklebobble2 · 56-60, M
America traditionally has trouble picking the right side to support historically.

But as Churchill said:[quote]You can always rely on America to do the right thing !....after they'very exhausted every other option [/quote]
ThatMusgraveWoman · 70-79, F
@Picklebobble2 Churchill should know as he was half- American himself. Anyway, he was a bit of an idiot anyway. He was prepared to fight the USSR and Germany at the same time, planned to give Ulster to Eire, was prepared to abandon Scotland to the Nazis in 1940 and had many ludicrous schemes that only Alan Brook stopped from happening.
Allelse · 31-35, M
And the Native Americans, maybe it's time to declare war on the Sioux again, for old time's sake.
ThatMusgraveWoman · 70-79, F
@Allelse Quite right! Invade North Dakota! That would show them. I forgot Canada in my list, too.
Allelse · 31-35, M
@ThatMusgraveWoman I'm sure there's still a few Apaches out there who never came onto the reservations!!
ThatMusgraveWoman · 70-79, F
@Allelse Oh yes! invade Arizona as well. That would be a war on two fronts, though.

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