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Objectivists and the COVID-19... they are just sick!

Wow, where do I start? Would you believe it, it's all the fault of Chinese communism.
But wait, it's true that the Dr Li Wen Lang wasn't scare-mongering but as the man said, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Drs in capitalism, in "communism", in socialised medicine and in private medicine scare-monger [i]and[/i]whistle-blow almost every day!
I get it, the "Commies" got it wrong this time, but what does that prove? That they knew this virus would turn into a pandemic and they wanted to silence him? No, it's means they, initially got it and he was a hero who got it right.
Then they completely ignore the way the Chinese government treats Muslims and some how proclaim that Iran is their close ally. Because of this the virus takes hold in Iran. Don't these fuckwits know how diseases work?
Then they have a go at the Italians, not even crying crocodile tears for the victims that died. Only heaping opprobrium on them for their single-payer healthcare. Have they not seen how hard the medics in Italy have been working?
Finally they end up biting the hand that feeds them and attacking America. A single Dr. in America defied the Federal government and again, there is debate whether she got it right or wrong, but does that matter? OK, so an individual disobeyed the Federal government and at best got it right. What does that mean, that the Federal government is always wrong?
It's not their equating of Red China with red tape (graon) that rankles it's the fact that when you e-mail then to ask, if their (objectivist) scientists are working 24/7 on a vaccine, you get the curious reply

"We currently do not have any scientists in our organisation"

Oh well, guess we'll have to leave it to the bungling bureaucrats, socialist central planners, meddlers and mystics for a cure eh as don't hold your breath for them to invent one!
Zonuss41-45, M
Perhaps this is or is not true. The enemy uses an invisible fight a war. So please do not dismiss this as conspiracy. There is a LOT that is going on behind closed doors that you do not see every day. 馃檪
and at the end of the day they got everyone by the balls and nothing will happen. it like a big distraction topic.
Wol6246-50, M
@TheOneyouwerewarnedabout Who are "they"?
ninalanyon61-69, T
@Wol62 And what are they distracting whom from?

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