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Is Baby-trump's declaration of victory for real?

[big]When a Baby-trump fantasy collides with reality...[/big]

[b]Baby-trump FANTASY:[/b]
[i](Key points from Baby-trump's rambling speech: 23 October 2019)[/i]

[b]1.[/b] Cease fire has gone beyond most expectations.
[b]2.[/b] Turkey informed me they would stop firing and it will be permanent.
[b]3.[/b] No one else has been able to do that.
[b]4.[/b] We are achieving a more stable area... a safe zone... an interesting term... that's what we are calling it... a safe zone. A safe zone.
[b]5.[/b] Turkey and Syria have been fighting for centuries. We have done them a great service. Now we are leaving.
[b]6.[/b] Let someone else fight over this blood stained sand. Countless lives are being saved.
[b]7.[/b] The Kurds just have to move in a slightly different direction.
[b]8.[/b] ISIS is under strict lock-and-key. There were a few that got out... a small number... and they have been recaptured.
[b]9. [/b]We saved the lives of many Kurds. They are thankful.
[b]10.[/b] We got the cease-fire to stick. We have done something very special. We never could have got this without the 3 day outburst.
[b]11.[/b] We are now an economic powerhouse like never before. Our competitors are not doing very well.
[b]12.[/b] We expect Turkey to live up to their agreement.
[b]13.[/b] Europe has been very unresponsive. Now is their time to act.
Now Turkey, Syria, and others have to make sure ISIS does not regain their position.
[b]14.[/b] Through much work, we have done things that many people said couldn't be done.
[b]15.[/b] Now people are saying, "Wow. What a great outcome. Congratulations."
[b]16.[/b] We have avoided military intervention. Many thousands of people could have been killed.
[b]17.[/b] The last Administration drew a red line in the sand. I did honour my commitment.
[b]18.[/b] The same people pushing for unlimited wars in the Middle East are the same ones pushing to open our borders. Immigration security is national security. I made it clear we needed a new program guided by history.
[b]19.[/b] We will not be depleted where our military is depleted. When we commit US troops we must do so only when a vital American interest is at stake. Nobody can beat us.


A. Ceasefire is not permanent and hasn't been since Mike Pence erroneously reported it as such.

B. Turkey was given what it always wanted. Russians are now patrolling a NATO border. The Kurds are less safe. Americans are not going home; they are performing the same operations, but from a more disadvantaged location in Iraq.

C. No one outside of Baby-trump's diminished circle of influence (and "the obedient base") is offering congratulations on this outcome. The Republicans and Democrats in official positions are mutually and formally agreed that this is a mistake, and not a good outcome for anyone except for Russia, Syria, Iran, and ISIS.

D. The Kurds are not thankful for this outcome; they threw rotten fruit at the ordered retreating American troops.

E. Baby-trump has ongoing (personal) business interests in Turkey.
Carla · 61-69, F
What else could he do? He certainly wasn't going to admit his retreat was a failure, now was he? He also wasn't going to compromise his assets in Turkey, was he?
He never mentioned Russia. I have a feeling that this action, as well as his attack on Ukraine (scapegoating them for Russian election meddling), was orchestrated by putin himself.
And all in all, his cult will cheer him as being the greatest of all time...

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