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What did we learn from Baby-trump in his latest stream of defensiveness?

[b]1.[/b] Baby-trump claims he's [c=#003BB2]the only one who has given up his salary... maybe except for Washington... but Baby-trump is the only one.[/c]
[b]2.[/b] Obama never gave up his salary.
[b]3.[/b] Baby-trump would have given his golf property away for the G-7 for free... if he was allowed to do it. He doesn't need promotion. He was willing to do it for free. It would have been the greatest G-7 ever... in all of history.
[b]4.[/b] Baby-trump doesn't run the business anymore... Washington ran a business when he was president. He ran his business. Obama negotiated a book deal.
[b]5.[/b] Baby-trump would have made a fortune if he ran his business. His golf property that he would have given for free for the G-7 [c=#003BB2]is setting new records. But, it's losing market share[/c] because of politics. He knew it would happen, but he would do it again. It doesn't make any difference to him; he's doing this for the people.
[b]6.[/b] Baby-trump never had an empty seat at a rally and he doesn't have a band. He has the best poll ratings. The Democrats are trying to damage the country.
[b]7.[/b] North Korea... if someone else was running the country, there would be a big war with North Korea. In the meantime he loves Kim, Kim loves him. Obama said he doesn't know how to solve the problem with North Korea.
[b]8.[/b] Baby-trump has the strongest economy... "it's the economy, stupid." The day after the election the market went through the roof... because we got rid of Obama... and Clinton. If they were still here, the 401k's would go down like 40%.
[b]9.[/b] The whistle-blower has disappeared. Where is the informant? Maybe it was "Shifty Schiff."
[b]10.[/b] [c=#003BB2]"They are interviewing diplomats I have never heard of... some of them I respect greatly."[/c]
[b]11.[/b] They brought up [c=#003BB2]"the phony emoluments clause"[/c]... so now it's going to cost the country a fortune and the G-7 won't be as good as it could have been.
[b]12.[/b] The Democrats all stick together. They don't have Romney.
Carla · 61-69, F
If any of that makes sense to you, you might be a cultist..

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