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How is it racist to point out the truth about crime where I live?

The last 9 houses that were broken into were by blacks aged 16 to 19. Not racist a fact. How am I racist for pointing it out?
" The last 9 houses broken into were by teens, ages 16 to 19."

Hmmm 馃 yes, better.
MasterLee51-55, M
[@701855,Montanaman] that we need not to fear skin color. Level of melatonin is arbitrary.
[@9463,MasterLee] Well, my 45. ACP knows no skin color.
Just saying.
MasterLee51-55, M
[@701855,Montanaman] fact
FreeSpirit146-50, F
Its racist to say they did it BECAUSE they are black, stating they were black without any comment isn't racist.
Diamonddog26-30, M
I think peeps assume you're racist for pointing it out. depends on the context of the conversation i guess. Like if it's out of the blue like "It's a nice day isn't it"
"Yes I like balmy skies..did you know the last 9 houses that were broken into were broken into by BLACKS?" then yeah sounds off.
Blaaah26-30, F
It might make a person sound racist to point out the color of the criminals skin. Why? Because it鈥檚 redundant. When giving details, it鈥檚 to provide a bigger perspective of the situation. Their age, what neighborhood they live in, are for example details which gives one a better idea of who the criminals are. The skin color doesn鈥檛, hence why people may think you鈥檙e racist when it鈥檚 one of the details you provide, as this insinuates that you think it does, which is racist.
RippinKlouds46-50, M
Best Answer. [@341839,Fable]
Blaaah26-30, F
[@526185,RippinKlouds] Awh. 馃グ
DownTheStreet51-55, M
Try looping in climate change and you鈥檒l be okay. Those kids are oppressed by climate change caused by white people
User4131-35, M
I feel racist just for reading that.
GoldenWorm51-55, M
If you ask "how am a racist if" questions, you're probably exhibiting bias.

If you only point out crime from black folks when there's crime from ither races as well, that shows bias.

One also wonder about age and if they are poor. Those would be non race variables that provide equal pattern.
Moodswings31-35, F
You say it in such a way that implies that you think their skin colour has something to do with it. That's racist. Here are the facts:

[i]The last 9 houses that were broken into were by teens aged 16 to 19. Not racist, a fact with no mention of skin colour.
BunnyBrawler22-25, F
I think it鈥檚 only racist if you ONLY talk about crime that blacks commit when it鈥檚 other ethic groups that commit the same treason. It鈥檚 a bit bias. If only blacks have broken in houses in your area, fine!

This is quite prevalent on the KKK website...
Your not - why are you even mentioning it ? Fact is fact - big deal.
Moodswings31-35, F
[@760047,MarmeeMarch] Right, are you going to explain now?
[@981884,Moodswings] explain what ? 10 days ago ????
Moodswings31-35, F
[@760047,MarmeeMarch] I haven't had much time to go online in the last 10 days. You try having two babies in less than two years and you'll find you don't have much time to call your own either.

Now about "explain what".

What is the word "your" referring to in your earlier comment "Your not". What is a not? What does the word "not" mean as a NOUN?
curiosi56-60, F
You weren't politically correct. In the future if you have questions I suggest you refer to "1984" by George Orwell for good measure also read "Brave New World" by Adolus Huxley.
And now you know.
RippinKlouds46-50, M
If a white boy broke into a house, would you say that it was a white boy who did it, or would you simply say that somebody broke into the house ?
MasterLee51-55, M
[@526185,RippinKlouds] white boy
FloorGenAdm46-50, M
MasterLee51-55, M
You aren't
fairefoutre70-79, M
You must be politically correct lol facts frequently do not fit with political correctness lol

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