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If Kamala Harris is elected President, can she be automatically impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors?

In a television interview, Kamala Harris admitted that she smoked marijuana in the 1980's while attending Law school in California. IF she had been caught at the time, she would have been convicted of a misdemeanor. There is not even a remote chance of prosecuting now because California has a three year prosecution window on drug related crimes.

If she had stolen something under $950.00 the time limit would be one year and that would also be a misdemeanor, and we wouldn't vote for a thief to be President. However, admitting you have done drugs which was, at the time, worthy of prosecution, while attending Law School (with an attendant possible misdemeanor sentence), on National television does seem to be...I don't know. Just plain old wrong. It seems to show a disregard for the Law she was supposed to be studying. And I don't know if I want a President who is so dumb she goes on National television and tells on herself.

What do you think?
You’re such a buzz kill. Who gives a shit if someone smoked some weed when they were young? Most law students are wired on tons of adderall and caffeine studying 12 hours a day anyway
4meAndyou · F
@Jackaloftheazuresand Thank you for understanding the point, and for understanding that buzzes or potentially brain damaged folks are not what we want in our President.
@4meAndyou If you want to disqualify Harris, there are actually significantly more substantial reasons.
4meAndyou · F
@CopperCicada Do tell?
I'm pretty sure the pot stuff isn't going to make a high crime or misdemeanor, even if Trump were to lower the bar with regard to pre-election crimes, which I doubt will happen either.

Admitting to it is also, IMO, not a bad move for her politically, given her position vis a vis other democrats. If she gets the nomination, she can worry about the right, and my guess is, her chops as a prosecutor will give her an edge there too.
4meAndyou · F
@MistyCee I don't "seriously" propose that she might be legally liable because she is not. I think what concerns me is that she was studying Law at the same time that she had no respect for it. It shows us that as a student she did things which conflicted with her career choice. Was her record as a prosecutor also filled with these conflicts? It just creates doubt, is my main point.

Being "cool" with the hundreds of millions of people who smoke pot and do other drugs is not really a great reason to out yourself on national tv, IMO.
@4meAndyou I hear you, but she's not running against the right at this point. If she was, or even if Trump was out of the running, I'd see things differently.

As it stands right now, she needs to focus on the nomination, and for her, I don't think it's a bad move, even if it's not a great one.
Xuan12 · 31-35, M
That's not necessarily the definition of a high misdemeanor. I mean, jaywalking can be a misdemeanor but it's nothing that serious litigation would follow. I mean, in Little Rock, honking your horn near a restaurant is a misdemeanor after 9PM.
4meAndyou · F
@Xuan12 I still don't want a pot smoking hypocrite pretending she is for law and order and she is not.
Xuan12 · 31-35, M
@4meAndyou If you feel that strongly about pot smoking, I suggest you refrain from political inquiry, for the sake of your mental health.
4meAndyou · F
@Xuan12 😂I smoked pot, myself, (one of the ex's relatives was his dealer, and you couldn't NOT smoke when he came over, he was just that paranoid). It's all fresh in my mind because I just answered Nimbus's question about it yesterday, (mostly cribbed from WebMD), and I certainly wouldn't trust MYSELF to be President now after I read about the effects of pot on an undeveloped brain. And Kamala Harris bragged that she was from a family of Jamaicans.

And I will take your very kind suggestion with all the importance it merits.
katielass · F
She also claimed to have regularly listened to people who had not yet released albums. Pretty stupid lie. But don't worry, she will never be president.
curiosi · 61-69, F
No, anything and everything is ok for lefties, it's only if you are on the right that it becomes a problem.

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