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If we build and finish a wall during Trump’s presidency, and then elect a president who stands against the wall, what will happen?

Will they have it destroyed? Or is it irremovable?
firefall · 61-69, M Best Comment
its hard to imagine any semi-sane President spending a cent on it, to remove it (or to maintain it, so it'd probably fall apart by itself fairly quickly)

Well, no. Even Obama wanted a wall.
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@IstillmissEP And if you can't pardon know....!!
@IstillmissEP Since 2005, these are the anti-mosque incidents in America.

Washington - 11 or more.
Idaho - 1 or 2 or more
Montana - 1 or 2 or more
Wyoming - 1 or 2 or more
California - 11 or more
Arizona - 5-10 or more

It's an endless list, In Europe, too. Anti-mosque incidents (including burning) are numerous!
GunSmoke9 · 56-60, M
Another reason why democrats don't want a wall because it will be permanent.
walabby · 61-69, M
It would cost too much money to have it removed...
nakedguy · 70-79, M
If trump builds it he will use substandard material and hire contractors to build it that he won't pay. If he does get it built, it won't last long. Anyway, the lawsuits against it will take more than two years
St0ut · 51-55, M
@nakedguy he’ll hire illegal polish workers like in nyc
Sicarium · 41-45, M
Depends on how two-faced that set of politicans would be.
St0ut · 51-55, M
Yes we can without congress
tenente · 100+, M

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