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what's got adam schiff=tless so upset?

Is he afraid of being exposed as the liar we all knew he was anyway, for claiming there was loads of evidence of collusion. Is it because the left's efforts to frame and get rid of Trump have failed and now everyone will know without a doubt that they tried. Oh if I were you schiff=tless, I'd be keeping a very low profile. You're already looking stupid enough, don't make it worse.
4meAndyou · F
Well, Adam Schiff is a walking snot nosed joke, and all of his wild claims and assertions which were patently false are about to be PROVED false. Haven't heard much from Chuckie, haven't heard much from Rosenstein, haven't heard anything from Mueller....and of course you just can't shut Maxine and Nancy up.
katielass · F
@4meAndyou Yeah, remember when schiffless claimed there was "loads" of evidence of Russian collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia? And we know, according to rosenstein on two occasions, there hasn't been any found. Well, except for hitlery, the dnc, FBI and DOJ. Schifftless is desperate to keep the sunlight from shining on what the odumbo admin did with the willing assistance of the characters at the FB and DOJ.
Ramon67 · 61-69, M
The collusion against Trump was a sham from the beginning , should have been focused on Clinton
katielass · F
@Ramon67 Yes, because the ONLY evidence of collusion has been between hitlery, the dnc, the deep state and Russia.
akindheart · 61-69, F
i was sitting in a doctors office for a test. they only would show MSNBC and they were completely going crazy saying that Trump was violating NATIONAL i cant' wait to see the docs. if sessions is not going to do something, we should

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