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Wonder why those nutbags at cnn are talking about what Trump is going to do about russian meddling

Shouldn't they be asking why odumbo didn't do something since they'd been meddling since 2014 and he knew. Oh yeah, he expected that pig in a pantsuit to win. Never mind. We must get back to why Trump didn't do something back in 2014.
Jibby · 56-60, C
Think about it.. that's all they got something that they know isn't even true but they keep throwing it up there because they have nothing else.. nothing.. their party is so discombobulated they won't see the white house for at least 11 more years
katielass · F
[@563795,Surfcrab] I can't disagree on how discombobulated they are but they really don't have a leader. I mean it's certainly not the pig in a pantsuit and odumbo, he's hiding since it started to come out that he was in it up to his neck. I just heard, just now, that the DOJ is investigating the odumbo admin for lying to the FISA court.
MasterLee · 51-55, M
Trump saw the Russian ballet once though
katielass · F
[@9463,MasterLee] And I had Russian dressing on my salad once. Didn't like it either.
AMERICA1ST · 56-60, M
Obama, like all the liberals, thought Hillary would walk off with the election and if he started doing anything about the Russians it would make her win less legit - so he did just what he did for black people: not a damn thing. Now that crooked Hillary is beaten, it is supposed to be the biggest problem for Americans - but Americans don't care any where near as much as CNN thinks they should
katielass · F
[@623179,AMERICA1ST] Well really, you never hear anyone saying we should have hitlery, they just express their unfounded hatred for Trump. Pathetic clowns.
AMERICA1ST · 56-60, M
[@120824,katielass] And to justify their hate, they try to make him not legit with this Russian nonsense. They think it is the way to get him out of office since they cant accept Clinton's loss.
katielass · F
[@623179,AMERICA1ST] Well, I would have said the media knew what they were doing, and I believe in the beginning they did. But after watching cnn a little yesterday I am convinced they have left the building. They are still trying to create a crime and make Trump guilty of it. It's just going to bother them all the more when he's not indicted for anything. But they seem unable to let go of the fantasy. So if you want to see what "had a break with reality" looks like just turn on cnn.
WeighedDown · 36-40, M
I think it goes beyond just how they messed with election, it seems strange that first they claimed to have no contact with Russians then we found out that numerous people of the trump campaign actually met with them. You can blame Obama for not doing nothing in 2014 but he was not the one meeting with Russians then lying about it.
katielass · F
[@510099,Mulder] That's not exactly true. I understand it's what cnn and probably mslsd has been saying but it isn't true. If they had lied they'd have been indicted for perjury like Flynn. And no, odumbo wasn't meeting with them, at least not that we kow of yet, he was the one selling them our uranium and who lied to US about them meddling.
WeighedDown · 36-40, M
[@120824,katielass] you say all news that is not saying what you want to hear fake news. It's not fake news it is propaganda and so is fox news it's just different sides. The whole point of the two party system is to keep us divided and distracted. If you pay attention you realize both sides take money from the same people, I had high hopes for trump but he surrounded himself with the swamp he promised to drain. He made fun of and publicly mocked someone with autism he made fun of McCain for being captured. After the way he criticized Obama he deserves everything people say about him,
They do seem of one mind..
katielass · F
[@337979,ColleenOhara] For sure. I heard they were all in Hawaii for Christmas last year, and Huma was there too. Hmmmmm. A little get your story straight session?
[@120824,katielass] Interesting.
katielass · F
[@337979,ColleenOhara] I thought so too. No surprise the odumbos were there, they go every year, but the others and at the same time too.
Lolco · 36-40, M
This message was deleted by the author of the main post.
katielass · F
[@360493,Celine93] I'm not, you're not welcome here. i suggest you go back to posting your daily idiot question about evolution. Evidently the absurdity of that escapes you.

lol i see how it's gonna be.
Ok, catch you later coward😉

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