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I Am Toothless

I'm 23 years old and I'm gummy since summer 2017... All the time since my full extractions I've been experienced a great troubles with getting used to my dentures. I stopped to wear them at home and used only for going to work or so, and of course for eating. And since last year's end my dentures stopped to fit and I couldn't receive a new ones in time. So for 7 month I'm completely toothless...
I feel very good without my dentures except for troubles with eating and speaking, but anyway I'm seriously considering to live on toothless...
As for my diction, my boyfriend likes my appearance and the way I lisp and babble with my toothless mouth, but my colleagues sometimes cannot understand what I'm trying to say.
I experience some problems with eating, it's hard to chew with my gums, so now I'm eating only soft or blended food...
Also I noticed that my look is changing seriously: my mouth is becoming sunken more and more, lips are thinner and my chin becomes sharper. I don't know whether it get worse with time if I stop wearing dentures completely.
Actually I feel much better toothless but I'm not sure if it's ok not to use dentures at all.
Corsair · 80-89, M
It's all right to be toothless, but you probably shouldn't give up on dentures until you have seen a dentist to try to get your dentures to fit or make another set for you. You can improve your speech by practicing a lot. Many toothless people speak quite clearly. bone loss will definitely continue, even if you wear dentures, but wearing them may help to reduce the wrinkling around your mouth. Some people actually don't mind that look, but more women want to stay young-looking for as long as possible.

Why did you lose all of your teeth at such a young age?
Corsair · 80-89, M
@OlgaAlexeenko You have explored getting dentures, and you have made your decision, based on your consultation with a dentist and also on your own experience. I think that you have made a wise decision. I hope that you enjoy being toothless, rather than feeling that you have no other choice, but to be that way. Many people regret that they have no teeth but just live with the situation. You are very young, but you seem like a person who has considered the future and want your future life to be without teeth. More power to you! It can be difficult to get used to wearing dentures, and I know many people who have them, but they either don't wear them or take them out whenever possible, just as I am doing now. Best wishes to you, my gummy friend!
OlgaAlexeenko · 26-30, F
@Corsair Thank you for support! You help me to believe that my decision is right. Actually I think that toothless life is not worse and sometimes even better than before extractions. And now I don't try to hide my completely sunken mouth anymore. The only problem I still can't put up with is my diction. I will never be a singer anymore. My speech is becoming more and more slurred, and soon the moment will come when I will have to write my words on a piece of paper or on a smartphone. But I think that all my friends and colleagues will be get used to this.
Corsair · 80-89, M
@OlgaAlexeenko I know toothless people who can speak pretty clearly, including me. lol It takes practice to work on difficult consonant sounds, like S, V, and dipthongs like SH. Concentrate on the sounds which give you trouble, and practice them over and over, until you gain confidence in using them in normal speech. You can do it! Don't let anyone make fun of your speech! Best wishes to you, my very individualist and beautiful friend.
Corsair · 80-89, M
If you like being toothless, you should do it. It's especially true if your boyfriend likes you that way, and you are being toothless because you want to be, and not just because he wants you to be. You must be in control of your life. As long as you are aware of the possible consequences of going without dentures, just do it. You may also want to get dentures which fit and see whether you like to wear them. You can always take them out when you want to. That's one of the great things about having dentures, you can choose whether you want to wear them.
itsoeasy · 56-60, M
sunken mouth look can be very sexy
Toothlessmen · 56-60, M
Ich liebe meine Zahnlosigkeit auch
TexChik · F
If your dentures don’t fit , get them relined. It’s a chair side procedure and done in about 30 mins to an hour . Why did you lose your teeth at such a young age ?
Crazywaterspring · 61-69, M
You should consider seeing a prostehodist. They specialize in dentures and can probably make a set that fits properly.
monkeysdevil007 · 46-50, M
I bet you blow a mean flute

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