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I Am Toothless

I friend of mine has a daughter who studied in USA. She had the beautiful smile with white straight teeth. Suddenly she got pain and teeth felt loose. The dentist told her that she had lost extremely much bone strangely with nothing wrong with the gums. The dentist said it was difficult to recommend a treatment as there was too little bone for implants and that there would be very low if not flat gums which would be problematic with dentures.
They agreed to have full teeth clearance.
Now 1 year after she visited me. A very beautiful woman and the most sunken mouth I have seen. I love the sunken look, but she had problems with eating and talking. She was optimistic as she should start up a treatment at a dental university which would give her gums to wear dentures and hopefully implants as dentist said.
After the last half year she had got used to be toothless and liked the feeling so she will go for dentures if she feel allright with it.
I KNOW that teeth fetishes aren't a thing. right????
Joeyyy · 31-35, M
@crownedwithlaurel97 "It looks like I'm going to have fill that cavity for you.."
@Joeyyy *whips dick out*
Benjr134 · M
Celia · 41-45, T
To feel good with no teeth is good. To like the looks of a person with no teeth is prinsipially the same as liking a person without hair or a dark or blonde hair. If that is a fetish it is not dangerous or criminal.
If you don't like it. It is your problem.

you literally said it yourself
Corsair · 80-89, M
@Celia I totally agree with you. Having dentures and preferring to go without them is a personal choice, which should be respected. Also, if someone wants to have their teeth extracted, instead of going through the pain and expense of trying to save them, that should also be respected.
OlgaAlexeenko · 26-30, F
Hi Celia, I'm 23 years old and I'm gummy since 2017... All the time since my full extractions I've been experienced a great troubles with getting used to my dentures. I stopped to wear them at home and used only for going to work or so. And since last year's end my dentures stopped to fit and I couldn't receive a new ones in time. So for 7 month I'm completely toothless...
I feel very good except for troubles with eating and speaking, but anyway I'm seriously considering to live on toothless...
Maybe you can tell me... I don't know how long ago have you been living without teeth, but I can see that my mouth is becoming sunken more and more, and my chin... like witch's. Will it get worse with the years, or maybe it will stop at some point? Maybe it's better for me not to leave out my dentures?
OlgaAlexeenko · 26-30, F
Sometimes I think that my mouth is completely sunken, but it gets worse and worse ...
And as for my diction ... will it get better, maybe in a few years? My boyfriend likes my appearance and the way I lisp and babble with my toothless mouth, but my colleagues sometimes cannot understand what I'm trying to say (
You are really sick in the head and need counseling
GeorgeTBH · 31-35, M
What the fuck did I just read

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