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Why is my back hurting?

I have woken up the past two days with a backache. Really not sure why, because I鈥檝e never had backaches before. I feel for those that have chronic pain issues. I hope this isn鈥檛 the start of something 馃槪
NubbinC46-50, M
You don't say what kind of pain, or where it is located. If it is bad enough or doesn't go away on its own, you should see your doctor, even if it wasn't caused by trauma such as a fall or vehicle collision. Your doctor will probably refer you to an orthopedist.

I have pain L2 through S2, and yoga has helped more than anything else. Lower back pain, especially in the Lumbar region is extremely common, especially starting in middle age. You're in your 60s, so some temporary pain is to be expected. Spinal disc degeneration is part of the aging process, and you should probably be tested for osteoporosis.
@Mbingh01 馃槥do not jump to the worse case scenario if you have worries get yourself looked over by a doctor
The sciatic nerve is normally involved with all older back pain. I saw a chiropractor for it.
Is your bed providing enough support for your back? How old is the mattress?
You need [i]Stretching.[/i]
heavyone261-69, M
Kidney stones maybe?

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