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Dammit I missed one view! 😣

I wanted a screenshot of 53335 views and was waiting for it yesterday and this morning…

But see what I found instead…😩

IsaacDeSnuts · 18-21, M
wow you have 53k stalkers
Hahaha….you don’t say!

The Admins might feel dizzy if so many people were on SW. 😵 @IsaacDeSnuts
I wanted to see mine hit 5000 but I missed it too 😅

Now I'm waiting for 10,000. Took me a year to reach where I am now so I assume it'll happen later this year 🤷
@ChiefWalksWith40oz It’s a SW THANG 🤭

Of course, you’ll be around, Chief. I think you’ll cross that mark pretty soon btw. 🤗
@Vivaci haha thanks 🙃 maybe if I get on my alt & view it a thousand times it'll speed it up 😅
🤣 You and your novel ideas…@ChiefWalksWith40oz
Classified · M
Oh, I think I missed my 5000 😅
Classified · M
@Vivaci But they are your numbers 😯
@Classified Wasn’t that our deal?
Classified · M
@Vivaci Is that big stack for me? 🤑🥴
I’m hoping to screenshot when my views counter hits “11”
Shut up… 🤣@Ghostinthemachine
@Vivaci I’m up to lucky number 13! Did you visit twice? 🤨
☺️ *and again* @Ghostinthemachine
Harmonium1923 · 51-55, M
I’m sorry, V. But on the bright side you’re still about 47,000 views ahead of my lame ass.
I bet you have lots of SW coins though…🤗 Me is broke there…🙈@Harmonium1923
ronisme1 · 61-69, M
My views dont show and i have them in my settings to show
To each his own…lol 🤗@ronisme1
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
Wow. You're quite popular!
Nah…I’ve been here for years now, Sara.

And honestly, I’m not here all day…it’ll probably be more for some others. 😉@sarabee1995
sarabee1995 · 26-30, F
@Vivaci I've been here since day #1 and you got me beat. You are popular! 😁
Now you have to go back to zero and start over
😮🤯 @BiasForAction
TheStarsareout · 56-60, M

I just noticed I have three 5s lol
That’s so cool….

I save these numbers in my album. 😇@TheStarsareout
tk9999 · 41-45, M
Lol I don’t even have 4000 views yet 😅
tk9999 · 41-45, M
@Vivaci You’re very welcome 🙂
@Vivaci @tk9999 it's crazy that I learned some digits of pi from this

@sexyjigsaw It’s a nerdy thing to know your pi….🤭 😅

Love Phineas and Ferb…🥰
😩 Nothing …It’s just my thang. @Japrost
iamonfire696 · 36-40, F
I am catching up to you, I am just over 52,000 now.
@iamonfire696 I used to post around the time the counter was close, just so that I could get a screenshot from friends in my absence. 🤪 🤭
iamonfire696 · 36-40, F
@Vivaci do you have any other lucky numbers coming up?
@iamonfire696 Yup… 53824 which is 232 squared, 54321, 55225 (235 squared) 55555

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