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life has never been easy or just us !! is it just sometimes when you feel like life is passing you by !! or its always like that !!

after all of these years , i still cant figure it out ..
feel like my time on earth has stopped many years ago!!
maybe thats why i cant go on no matter how hard i try or not to try !!
i think that i stopped thinking !!
is it crazy moments when you feel like that ,
sometimes feeling down comes out of no where,
old pic of mine , anyway !
Raaii · 22-25, F
[c=BF0000] I had a pretty okay okay day today but suddenly at the evening we had a horrible incident with a stranger uncle
A big fight and a lot of bad mouthing from his side
I was like a silent spectator waiting for it all to be over but really from them on m day just went off
I want to say that life is really unpredictable like this
Sometimes we get positive surprises
So we wait hopefully though this world is not that nice of a place
We've no much options either
We just go with the flow
Sometimes we feel ecstatic but most of the time we feel down
I hope you'll feel better soon 🙇‍♀️❤️‍🩹💎
exita · 26-30, F
@Raaii yes my dear ,you are right , precisely 🥺
i hope so ❤️ thank you so much my dear beautiful friend ❤️🌷🌷
wish you the same and more of beautiful days like you 🌷🌷
many ppl are in a resting phase rn. mentally and emotionally. so we feel stuck. what we are actually experiencing is a transformation. you will fly when the time is ready. you will see all the signs and know when to spread your wings. love and light always lifts others up and smiles watching them soar 🖤💜
exita · 26-30, F
@deathfairy i hope so 🤲
thank you so much for kindness and positivity🌷🌷

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