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Windows as a service...

And what would you do if windows became subscription based? I would never in a billion years, pay to use an operating system daily, monthly or yearly.

Just another money grab by microcrap. But..... BUT..... if people finally got wise to their idiocy and stopped using their products, maybe they would change course.
InterstellarButterfly · 26-30, F
It's funny how we accept a subscription for some things, like TV, but not others, like a phone. Then there's other stuff that we pay for on finance, like a car or a house.

Odd how we all have a limit on what's acceptable.

I wouldn't want to pay for windows but I don't have a real objection to them charging a fee for it.
@twiigss if you were the CEO of Microsoft, you'd try to maximize profits as well.
twiigss · M
@mysteryespresso Oh absolutely. But I don't think I would go so far as to limit people who might not have the money to pay for a subscription just to use their computers.
@InterstellarButterfly yeah how much can they be trusted when its all for FREE?
Elessar · 26-30, M
Is there a real alternative?

GNU/Linux is great on servers, but as a desktop/laptop/workstation daily driver it's a pain to set up and keep operational.

macOS is essentially a toy.

There is a reason if Microsoft keeps having a huge market share on desktop, especially in the business segment.

[quote]macOS is essentially a toy.

why do you say that
twiigss · M
@Elessar I was having the same discussion with a friend couple nights ago. I told them I said, if you have an older parent or grandparent etc., And all they do is browse the internet or watch YouTube or do word processing, then Linux is the operating system for them.

However for people like my friend and I who are big PC gamers, Linux is just not a feasible operating system and the thing that really sucks about it is, that I told him, in the next 5 years Linux is not going to progress as far as software compatibility goes.

And I think that's where they lose a lot of people because they're focused in the wrong areas when they do these updates to their operating system. They should be worrying more about "how can we better make software compatible with our operating system" rather than worrying about things in the background that really in the long run don't matter.

If I could run games easier on Linux, I would switch over in a heartbeat. I actually did install it all for 2 days, and it was a pain in the ass to figure out why it wasn't booting, but once I figured it out, it was straightforward and easy to use, but there was a lot of looking up for certain things I had to do on the internet, to figure out how to get things to run more efficiently.
Crazywaterspring · 61-69, M
We already just "license" it.
I shudder at the new updates now, seemingly about every nine days😱

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