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Office365 looks flat, 2d, boring, inane, designed by accountants out of leftover cardboard packaging

- Things hidden behind ugly unintuitive icons. Can't find stuff. What the #@$ is that stupid squiggly thing and where's the @#$ autosum gone???
- Have to use a mouse more which is SO SLOW compared to keyboard shortcuts. It's like a rummage sale. I was much faster with windows 7 and older programs. Using a mouse to fossick around is for geriatrics.
- Customise? Customise what!? From dead body grey to nothing some other lifeless colour scheme? It's like dyeing the hair of a dead person.

I have to face this all the time and now I'm stuck with Outlook feels like doing a tax return instead of connecting.

"Microsoft is now worth over $1 trillion" Really? Save a lot on graphic design?
Well... there IS an alternative :)
Abstraction · 61-69, M
@EasyFriend Not when your organisation provides the software.
Office 2007 was the best, good ui
QuixoticSoul · 41-45, M
You'll get used to it in a week.
Abstraction · 61-69, M
@QuixoticSoul Not really. I've been using it for nearly a year - I think they must have updated some of the look and feel little recently with iconography, but from bad to backwards, the usual direction of microsoft. Now I'm stuck with outlook as well from next week because lotus notes is disappearing. Bleh!
@Abstraction They also don't understand programming, and add to bloat...
you’ll get used to it

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