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Do you think of dogs as unclean? Was I wrong for this?

Went for coffee with 2 ladies.
Doggy got a pup cup, but once finished he kept licking it and rolling it round on the floor. I picked it up and put it on the end of the table near me.

I noticed that one lady looked at the cup and cringed.

None of us were eating. Just drinking coffees from the Starbucks enclosed travel cups they serve drinks in. .

Was I wrong for doing that?
CrazyMusicLover · 31-35
Yes. They carry dangerous bacteria in their mouth that if get into a wound of an immunocompromised person, it could cause sepsis. That's why when you're bitten by a dog, you should take antibiotics.
Further, they sometimes roll in feces or corpses of other animals.
They run all around outside so unless you clean their paws when they enter the home, it's the same for me as walking around in your shoes. If it's just your garden, okay, but not public spaces where all the other dogs shit in the grass or people spit on the ground etc.

As for the cup, I guess I'd feel a bit squeamish about it too. It's better to throw it into trash.
Magenta · F
SlaveEt · 36-40, F
Indoors? I can understand the cringe but at the same time they should be sanitizing the table between customers anyway.

Outdoors? I'm just glad when the birds don't crap on the table, lol.
Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
@SlaveEt I appreciate that. I guess because noone was actually eating and the drinks were enclosed I didn't see the big deal.
I just knew had I left it on the floor the table could have been flipped by him or he could have spent his time yanking me trying to fetch it.
SlaveEt · 36-40, F
So been there! lol
SinlessOnslaught · 26-30, M
Ah no, you should have left it on the ground for the server to eventually pick up and do exactly what you did with it.

Do I have to add that that's sarcasm?

You did the right thing. Everybody's a critic. Ignore her.
Piper · 61-69, F
No, but I think of floors in public places as unclean. Still, when people drop anything off a table in one, they usually put it back on the table.

No, I don't think you did anything wrong.
ArtieKat · M
You can usually tell with some certainty how people will interact with other people from the way they interact with animals.

[b]I have a gatekeeper lol[/b]
deadteddy · 26-30, F
They can get dirty if you don’t bath them, especially if they get a lot of play time outside the house.
Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
@deadteddy in all honesty I bath him every other week.
As it was his birthday on Thursday he was bathed on Wednesday night.
But he spends a lot of time licking himself to make sure he's clean.
He also hates puddles and pushes me out the way to avoid.
SophieSmiles · 18-21, F
Not at all, I do it all the time with my dogs. Unless your friends are going to randomly start licking the table there is zero risk to them
wonkywinky · 51-55, M
Imnot a big dog lover as it is.Is see them as walking filthbags.I see them licking their own balls,other dogs butts.Chewing used condoms,eating out of garbage bags.
Its why i stopped going in Starbucks because they allow fleabags in their cafes.
Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
@wonkywinky he does love a puppacino
Magenta · F
Yes I do think that.. They are an animal after all, they have different habits and instincts. I mean, they clean their privates with their tongue after-all. Blech.

Side note: Although I am a big animal lover.
Virgo79 · 61-69, M
All animals are dirty in their own way
Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
@Virgo79 don't get me wrong he does dog things. But I needed him to sit and focus on behaving.
He would have continued chasing that cup around pushing it under my chair etc when I wanted to focus on my conversations.
Virgo79 · 61-69, M
@Mellowgirl they have a mind of their own for sure😁
melissa001 · 51-55, F
Not unless they are the drooling type. I can't handle even looking at drool.
dogs cleaner most people,
@SandWitch lol .no never like my face ,not let women lick it either
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@SandWitch I wish ,

But some folks are just germaphobes......
HannahSky · F
I probably would have thrown it away.
gregloa · 61-69, M
There are more germs in the woman’s mouth than the pups.
NativePortlander · 51-55
They'd proably pass out if they saw how some dog owners and their puppers kiss.
NativePortlander · 51-55
@Mellowgirl LOL How bad did they gasp?
Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
@NativePortlander shockingly they laughed... I was like 🤯 wtf!
I do think some people are people pleasers... Although in this instance I get a vibe I'm not entirely sure about from this lady.
Raaii · 18-21, F
NinaTina · 26-30, F
I would have put in trash but is coffee good for a dog?
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SlaveEt · 36-40, F
Nope. Caffeine, like chocolate, onions, etc, isn't good for dogs.
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Mellowgirl · 31-35, F
@SandWitch rude choice of language
This message was deleted by its author.

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