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Do you talk to your dog?

I'm constantly talking to him.

Just now he turned to me and gave me a look, so I said "you wanna go out?" his eyebrow raised...
"yea I will take you out in 20 mins its not 1pm yet, let me finish this episode!" he turbed away to return to sleep.

When he watches me as I sit down, I ask him if he wants to join me on the chair.
But if he goes to sit on my chest I tell him off...

When we're on walks I'm constantly telling him about the things we're seeing, especially if it's something new.

He seems to enjoy it tbh.
Strawbsy26-30, F
Lmfaoo when she woof at me, i woof back at her and she goes louder 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃槶
Zeusdelight61-69, M
@Strawbsy Make an effort:)
@Strawbsy I used to do that with my little dog, Sugar. When she was a puppy, I heard her howling like a tiny wolf, wanting to come up on the sofa with us, so I howled at her to see if she would do it again, and she did! Then she seemed to understand it was like a little fun game. SO cute.
VictoryBeard31-35, M
@Strawbsy hahaha I do something similar with my cat when she's hungry. She meows at me and i meow back, we battle it out until one of us stops or i feed her.
Budwick70-79, M
[quote]Do you talk to your dog?[/quote]

Yes, of course!
None of us can read minds. LOL

Our lives are pretty routine - they have learned the routine and go with the flow.
If something is out of the ordinary, they will let us know their feelings about it.

Woof - means 'OK'
Howl - means 'Super'
Grunt - Means I'm telling Mom!
Woof by the door - means I'd like to go outside Father!
My dog is my best and only friend. He goes everywhere with me and has more personality than anyone I ever knew. He has recently started, Hm, talking back to me hahaha He mimics my tone and sounds. Animals are the best.
Mellowgirl31-35, F
@BrokenAbyss Awww...
Bruno like to do this weird whining kind of sound as if he's talking back... Its the funniest thing. Sometimes it sounds like hes saying hello over and over again. Lol
@Mellowgirl Aw!! Hahaha!

It makes sense they want to evolve and communicate with us. They鈥檙e are most trusted companions. He really wants you to hear him and know that he loves you!
Some dogs have the same intelligence as a two year old human child. They will learn to understand words that are clear and repeated. Most of all, they understand tone of voice.
Yes, I DO talk to my dog.
And I don't even [i]have[/i] one. 馃槕
I talk to random animals when I'm out. Even pigeons.
vetguy199151-55, M
I talk to dogs like they are people
Indy7446-50, F
I always talk to my little dog , Buster. Hes comforted by my voice. He knows certain words and will react to them. Plus, while my husband is working , its just the two of us and i have a shadow and i talk to him like were having a conversation!! 馃榿
Krysclear26-30, F
Every day
Zeusdelight61-69, M
Always, I pretend not to listen when she answers me - I may be a lunatic, but I don't want people to think I am strange:)
Eddiesolds61-69, M
Yes. Ive always talked to my animals. Even fruends animals.lolI love them so much
Starcrossed41-45, F
All day long. I might also answer as I imagine she might in a silly voice...
Iamrose22-25, F
I talk to them in gibberish
Zeusdelight61-69, M
@Iamrose Bugger, I don't know that language:)
Carissimi61-69, F
I talk to all pets when I had them.
WaryWitchWandering36-40, F
I talk to my dogs, and my fishies haha
melbeacher56-60, M
Yes all the time
pdockal56-60, M
Of course i do
When I had a chihuahua, I did. He was a smart dog. He picked up on tones and moods, too. I remember one time my brother was sad about something, and my dog, who really liked him, was clearly trying to cheer him up. My brother referred to him as "the attack rat" but within moments the dog had him laughing.
Mellowgirl31-35, F
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