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I Am Interested In Dogs And Dog Training

Rundown: I live with my in-laws and they have 3 dogs, I have 2 dogs. Yes I'm trying to move out, yes I've talked to MIL about this (her solution is to just stop feeding them the supplement mix, which I'm not willing to do), and no there's nothing else I can do at this time. Now, on to the actual point...

I supplement the dogs' dry kibble with healthier food like eggs, salmon, tuna, apples, and oats. Every morning I mix a batch and divide it between the 5 of them in their own separate bowls.

The problem is that one of my MIL's dogs is a greedy pig and she will swallow her portion in one bite and then bully the other dogs and eat their portions too!! 🐖

Besides feeding her in a separate room, is there any way I can train this out of her? She's not a puppy, so idk how easy it will be to teach her new things.
Ynotisay · M
That's a little tricky but you may want to try using a different type of food, that she loves, as a reward for not eating the other dogs food. It has to be more desirable. So if you've got them all together you'll want to reward her with the treat and a lot of love the second she DOESN'T make a move to the other dog's food. You might want to set her bowl farther away and get between them. If she makes a move you need to get between her and the other bowls and reward her when she stops. The goal is to make her think she'll get a reward when she only eats her food. Eventually you won't need to give her the treat because she'll know she's doing what makes you happy. But training away the desire for as much food as possible isn't as easy as teaching them to sit. So separate rooms might need to be the call. Good luck.

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