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I Love My Puppy Like Its My Child

My poor Uly is sick. 馃槩 He had a fever and chills and was very sluggish all day yesterday. I was going to wait and keep an eye on him for a day before taking him to the vet to see if his condition worsened but after I got home from work, I couldn't stand to see him like that so I went and took him in last night. They took some X-rays and couldn't find anything harmful that he may have ate but they took some bloodwork and are supposed to tell me the results for them today so hopefully it's nothing serious. He does seem to be doing a little better today. He's not shivering and he actually ate this morning so that's a good sign. We'll just see what they say from the test results when they call me. Poor little guy, I hate seeing him sick. 馃槶
KaysHealingPath31-35, F
oh no i hope he gets better soon.
if he's dehydrated you can give him unflavored pedialyte. maybe he just ate something that made his tummy upset and then passed it already (like food or etc)
kennel cough is going around so just make sure he's hydrated.
keep us posted.
Livingwell61-69, M
Hopefully he will have a full recovery. Be careful about having him around other dogs until he has completed all of his shots. *doggie hugs*
I hope he will be better soon. There are many children who need such care and will not receive it.
Poor little guy. Hope he鈥檚 back to full puppy-ness soon!
VioletDreams36-40, F
Poor doggie :-( wishing him a speedy recovery!
Test1234526-30, M
He will probably be alright. 馃憤

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