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It start's...Today my son's coworker brought over the cutest little kitten, and it was only 6 weeks old! She was the cutest little ball of fluff with

the begining of Siamese markings...She was fluffy and she was the runt...BUT! She was a female! My daughter looked online to determine the difference at such a young age.. The closer together the more likely it is a female! She was cute! But we already have two older females! Africa is 15, and Jasper is 3 and even they don't get along, always trying to assert their authority. We need a male, and not just any male....He needs to be the BEST!!!! What I mean is our beloved male cat Mr. Daisy has passed on and he was special, especially to my son...He would always lick his shaggy hair, or his beard. Mr. Daisy knew whenever my son had an epileptic seizure and would stand guard and comfort him...He always slept with my son...That was my sons cat since my son was 9 years old until he was 25! Mr. Daisy died of old age, he was healthy until the end. He was loved...He was the dominant male cat with two females...The two females adored Mr. Daisy, but not so much each other...That is why we cannot get another female, it just wouldn't work for our other two...We need a male...And we had to turn the kitten away, asking if they had a male with no promise to accept the male...Because we decided today to also go next weekend to the SPCA to let my son go into the cattery to spend some time with the cat's they already have there...We are looking for true love! The cat that chooses my son, the cat that licks my sons beard, the male cat that does all of those things. If not then now is not our time....It may take all summer to find that one! That special male cat that naturally is a therapy cat for my son, even though my son works out of town so much.. When he comes home may it be like they never missed a beat kindof like Mr. Daisy....We will take our time finding the purrrfect cat for our son, for our family, for our 2 female cats....Lord Bless our search, Amen!
I had a female Siamese mix that was the acting matriarch over 15 other cats, she kept everyone in line and everyone loved her. Don't write off the kitten if it happens to be female.

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