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So, I got this very basic smart TV , I wanted a regular tv but thats all they have —smart, and before I use it I gotta tape its webcamera but I have

...no idea where it is. Where is the webcam in you smart TV?
mynameisray · 26-30, M
Smart TVs as far as I’m aware don’t have webcams…you managed to find one that does?
InHeaven · F
Yes, they do. @mynameisray I didn’t start yet. Kinda lazy lol to look , so I posted here in hopes of someone just pointing me to it 😄 and I just like 1, 2, 3...place the tape and boom
mynameisray · 26-30, M
@InHeaven I don’t think you got the basic model. Lol. Care to share the make and model?
I have one and don’t know! LOL
MrBrownstone · 46-50, M
Try YouTube
InHeaven · F
I did they have the “how to fix and replace” 30 minutes videos@MrBrownstone oh my god... that’s too much. But ok
cherokeepatti · 61-69, F
well don’t go walking around naked in front of it. I have a tv in my bedroom that is basic and it’s not a smart tv, I use an indoor antenna and no cable. It also has a built in DVD player
FreestyleArt · 31-35, M
I still use my Flat Screen from 2012 or maybe 2011. I forget but It was cheap as a 32 inch and still good HD.

I honestly don't care about smart TV. Just a waste of money
Oster1 · M
They are hidden, behind the screen. I will never own one.
candycane · 31-35, F
@InHeaven get a bright light to look for it then spray with black piant
InHeaven · F
Ya, thats what I was thinking @candycane maybe phone flash light. But I will have to get to the very bottom of this any way cause ain nobody taking snap shots of me naked !!! 😂😂😂 Or, God forbid anything else
candycane · 31-35, F
@InHeaven type in what I typed and it will show u where there at

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