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Stepping away from the issues with mom's health

I can only deal with so much shit. If she believes everyone is against her and finds an ally in my younger sis who seems to think taking a potent food supplement is sufficient, then I am quite happy to step back.

I told my older brother that I am leaving it up to him to deal with our sister.

A little background, my sis and I had a major falling out.

Am stepping back from all this, I have my own life to keep together.
Part of my mental illness is both thinking people that are helping are out to get me and that I don’t need my meds. I’ve flushed the stuff that keeps me from losing it, many many times. She may not be able to help it, my friend. I wish you and your family all the best. Light and love.
[quote] finds an ally in my younger sis [/quote]


I have a younger SIL that is a nurse. I am always questioning my own doctors (to be able to look up stuff and further educate myself). Others, like my aforementioned SIL like to take charge and believe [u]verbatim[/u] everything a doctor or fellow nurse tells them. It's enough to drive one crazy....

[quote] Am stepping back from all this, I have my own life to keep together [/quote]
Don't blame you one bit, but it is really tough to stifle yourself when you do go over to your parents house.
ineedadrink · 51-55, M
Family drama is the worst kind.
IamCuriousBabe · 51-55, F
@ineedadrink It's the most unecessary.

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