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When being alone

When being alone is kind of a turn on for you does it mean you are strange?
Can anybody relate to that?
I mean why are people so exhausting. They take away my energy. That is what I feel when I am around a lot of people.
They ask for your opinion or how you are. But they dont want to know it, they dont care...
Fluffybull · F
It sounds like you're an introvert. It's perfectly normal for an introvert to feel relaxed and at peace when alone after a day of too much social interaction. We need more re-charging than other people.
angie8819 · 56-60, F
If you're alone a lot of the time
Then when you chat with people that can be very tiring
Rambler · M
Being alone has always felt like my normal state of being
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TheotherAndy · 41-45, M
I absolutely understand how you feel
This is just how people are
[quote]They ask for your opinion or how you are. But they dont want to know it, they dont care...

Very few really want to hear the answer.
Asking how you are seems like an automatic action just to show “they care”, but some really don’t.
DViper97 · 46-50, M
I completely agree. Around people all the time and sometimes it’s definitely annoying. I am often content with just being alone in a quiet hotel room.
It feels nice. I like being alone just not being lonely.
I can understand that kind of feeling
ASolitaryMan · 61-69, M
I do...just so you know.
PassingThrough · 41-45, M
Being alone is the same for me. Calm and just nice to be alone in my thoughts. Plus it’s probably the only time I do get turned on anymore so at least there’s privacy just in case lol
Well you are right, but it still means you can and should spend effort in wanting to be with people.
ravenhill · 46-50, M
all i will say is i can only take people in small doses, i soon get irritated by people.
MrAverage1965 · 61-69, M
I hate it when people ask how you are and don't really listen to the answer.

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