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A story from my youth

Many years ago (40-45?) I was having a drink at a bar with a friend. An old lady was sitting a few seats away from me. She was hammered and was talking to the bartender about sex. She got even drunker and said she wanted to get laid. "Do you know long it's been?" she asked. He said he didn't know or care and she said in my direction that she really wanted some young guy to fuck her hard. She smiled at me and I'm thinking "Oh jeez. I should leave", But my friend wanted to stay so I ordered another round. She smiled at me and told me that she used to have a nice body when she was younger. I just smiled and said "I bet you did". Without warning she pulls her shirt up and whips out her boobs. The bartender tells her to get dressed; she does so but asks me if I thought they were nice. I said "sure" but she was probably 70 and I was being nice.
Anyway, she scoots over and buys me a drink. Suddenly my friend says that his wife has called and he has to go. (Yeah, right)
So I'm stuck alone with grandma and she suggests we leave. I declined and she asked again. Maybe it was the drinks, maybe it was that I hadn't had sex in forever but I reconsidered my position, especially after she said she had to go and was taking the bus. Trying to be a good Samaritan and not wanting her to get mugged. I offered her a ride.
We got to her place and she thanks me with a kiss. Right on the lips. With tongue.
Being a 25 year old guy, getting kissed by a grandmother wasn't ideal for me even though it was a pretty good kiss. The offer of a nightcap sealed the deal for me and we went upstairs.
She pours a couple of rum and cokes and snuggles up to me. We chat as her fingers run up and down my leg. Then up to my thigh.
Keep in mind I'm 25 and haven't gotten any in a while and her fingernails were getting to me. She smiles as she notices my growing bulge. She removes her hand and pulls off her shirt. She had pretty nice tits. A bit saggy but not bad. Maybe a C cup with nice pointers and dark areolas.
I cup one as we kiss and she starts moaning loudly, telling me she loves having her nipples tugged.
OK. Here we go.
She starts stroking me through my jeans and then quickly unbuckles them and pulls them as she kneels. She pulls my cock out at stares at it, practically drooling. "How long has it been since you've been fucked" I ask and she replies "at least 10 years."
She went down on me as was really good as she eventually took it all in her mouth.
A few minutes of head and off we go to her bedroom. Clothes go flying and we had a pretty hot session.
I stayed the night and in the morning she looked at least 10 years older. The liquor had worn off. I got dressed and was heading out when she stopped me and thanked me. "You took good care of an old lady last night. Some day when you're my age I hope someone does the same for you."
We kissed. I left and never saw her again.
For a while I was embarrassed but then realized it was good for both of us. Now I smile at the memory and sometimes think "now I'm her age; will someone take care of an old man"?
At 70 she pulled up her SKIRT to show you her boobs.....not SHIRT.
thisguy20 · 41-45, M
If you (as a guy) try that in a bar now you'd probably get arrested
@thisguy20 Ah yes, the good old days were much better. How does anyone get laid these days?
Penny · 46-50, F
lol. nice story
BackyardShaman · 61-69, M
I also met her!

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