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I'm an INTJ and I'm proud.

Fairydust · F
I’m an INFP 🥰✨

[image deleted]
Queendragonfly · 31-35, F
@Desolate Oh you don't wanna know my overprotective sides 😂
@Queendragonfly i've seen you have my back. I can only imagine how much further that protection goes lol
Zeuro · 26-30, F
@Fairydust mine!
G0ddess · F
replace the J with P and you get me 🤣
@G0ddess well, the pic is a chick. Sooo no masculinity there lol
@G0ddess yeah that was my point, but you got offended..
G0ddess · F
@Desolate true I didn’t read the points fully so I assumed so 🤣
Lostpoet · M
Same, but not so proud
@Lostpoet you should be.
basilfawlty89 · 31-35, M
I can conquer this world...if I could bother to put in the effort.
We are supposed to be rare or something
MartinTheFirst · 22-25, M
im a weirdo ✨
Fairydust · F

Creep 😆
I’m ISTJ. Supposedly we are many, but I rarely encounter others. 😊
@bijouxbroussard youre the first ISTJ I've met.
@bijouxbroussard I was one last time I completed the test
@BeefySenpie Wow, very cool. 😊
INTPs are sexier
@Desolate and men too
@InOtterWords if you prefer someone that goes with the flow.
@InOtterWords thanks for calling me sexy but you misspelled INTJ

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