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I Am An Infp

Though I wonder how reliable this Myers-Briggs MBTI stuff really is. I still don't know what to think of this or any personality test. I took three different versions the other day and got these results:

55% I
100% N
97% F
79% P

56% E
95% N
91% F
86% P

50% I
95% N
95% F
100% P

And then I remembered how whenever I took it in school for whatever social studies or psychology class it was, I would always be the INFP. But really, I never liked the idea of not the test but the categorization itself. There's too much room for variance in people to say that everyone can fit into 16 little categories. And what about the people that take the test and then get different results each time? I don't feel like human personality is so rigid that it's one of only 16 exact things. I mean, at least have some variants of each of the 16 to show different types of the types, I guess; if that makes any sense. I'd feel more comfortable with that, maybe.
friedchickenwing · 22-25, F
This is funny to me. It's a stereotype introverted feelers don't like categorization and labels and I've seen that stereotype show up in so many infps and isfps and even an istj.

I do catch that many people relate to the initial infp description b/c of their reputation as 'dreamers' and the fact that the concept of dreams of universal. We all have hopes and dreams and many of us can remember times in our life/childhood where we were imaginative. I used to think I was a dreamer too but I don't really know how other people's minds work and I'm starting to think I'm not really one at all. If you really want to verify your type, do some research on the cognitive functions, especially introverted feeling, extroverted intuition, and introverted sensing. Extroverted thinking is your last one but if you're young, it might not be as noticeable yet.

Of course nobody's going to be a carbon copy of each other regardless of type. The system is just a manmade way of bucketing particular cognitive behaviors in an attempt to help people understand themselves. I like to analyze myself using both mbti and the enneagram.
dodgergurl12 · 31-35, F
Did it say that we'd be enemies? Lol
dodgergurl12 · 31-35, F
Hmm true, that's a good point. I'd be fine with not knowing, but I'll just hope I don't end up in jail by the end of the night lol. I'm flexible
@dodgergurl12: Jail?!? XD no I was thinking about an adventure to track down and infiltrate a marvelous sky castle to fight off demons and fiends. Nothing illegal! No drugs or gangs or anything...
dodgergurl12 · 31-35, F
Hey, you said adventure, that could have meant a lot of things lol
I got enfp and enfj. I think I'm more like an enfp though.
I'm wondering if my mortal enemy's some ISTJ walking around acting smug or something. XD
@ShadowShifter: I think I'm the only extroverted person on this site!
dodgergurl12 · 31-35, F
I always come out as istj whenever I take the test
Does that mean we're each other's arch nemesis?

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