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There are some truly wicked people out there.

I went to Wood Green today an area I never go to because well, I would say its the ghetto.
I'm not a snob because the area I live in isn't any better but because I know it I know wheres is safer and ok to go.
Unfortunately they had two of the shops I needed to visit.
Consequently I was waiting outside with Bruno and he was being such a good boy.
Three women were walking past with their children some in push chairs and others walking.

The boy and the girl were holding these electric fans.

When they saw Bruno they looked surprised/excited whatever you want to call it.
Anyways the little boy came up to us, so I watched on whilst holding brunos lead firm.
The fan he was holding he pointed at Bruno like a gun, but due to the distance I didn't say anything.
But the women laughed.
As they got closer he started to point the fan in brunos face to which Bruno started to get irritated and looked up towards me.

One mother was distracted suddenly as her daughter was misbehaving and pulling away from her.

Anyways I then told the group "could you tell your child to stop doing that!"

The interaction went as followed:

The woman shouted "what do you expect him to do he's a child!"
I then responded "what would you say to me if my dog were to bite him as a consequence!"

"Well you need to train him, he's a child he's one!"

"well if he's one now is the perfect time to train your child!"

"if your dog bites my dog you'll be in a lot of trouble!"

"really! I think you'll find that provoking a dog wouldn't be looked at lightly, you could see he was sitting her patiently ignoring your son!"
And despite his irritation you didn't pull him away until I said something, you need to think, this is an animal!"

"he shouldn't be on the street if he can't behave..."

At this point my mum came out the shop and decided to defend me as the shouting was really loud from these women.

To which my mum more or less silenced them!

I find people to be very strange, there were several people out walking their dogs on the highstreet.
None of which appeared to get what I had.
Their dogs behaving no differently to Bruno...

I was impressed by how controlled be was because usually he likes children but clearly this one was giving off a vibe he didn't like.

I will say this, in this instance I get the feeling that the women in particular were annoyed at my lack of engagement with the young boy...
But I always have to maintain a level of calm and when I'm out with Bruno especially when I need him to behave I don't react to a lot until I have to.

This really pissed me off. As we were having such a good day the three of ah well Satan was sent to test me today!
chewie46-50, F
You were in the right. I am livingin rehab from a broken back. One adult male kept getting stupid around my dog and he finally nipped him. Didnt break the skin but I had to send the dog away.馃槴
Mellowgirl31-35, F
@chewie that's really awful...
This is why I really don't socialise as much as I should!
MartinII70-79, M
I know what you mean about Wood Green.
That sucks. I鈥檓 sorry.
Mellowgirl31-35, F
@DarkHeaven shitty people!
TeirdalinFirefall26-30, M
In that situation you need to sick your dog on the mother and then perform a Suplex on the children before tossing all their corpses into the trash through a basketball hoop hung over it.
Mellowgirl31-35, F
@TeirdalinFirefall thank you for commenting on my post
TeirdalinFirefall26-30, M
@Mellowgirl You're welcome.
candycane31-35, F
Well you got tested and you passed so in the long run it was a great day no one got hurt as well馃槉

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