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Of course, this dude came to work and didn't do anything.

My coworker asked him to talk to someone, but he just sat there and did nothing for two hours. So it was her and me doing all the work. It turns out he was hired to be our marketing person as well because that's what he got his degree in. But he didn't know how to take pictures or advertise, and he wouldn't even say thank you since we partnered with another business.

He can't bag items, hand out flyers, or market on social media. He threw my coworker's chair in the road and left it there, so I had to pick it up. And she brought it for him to sit on. When my coworker and I were putting stuff in her car, he just stood there again!

I want to complain to my boss, but I also don't want to be that person. Honestly, he doesn't do anything though. 馃槖
Sounds like a fun job tbh

I would say that you hired dead weight
@deadgerbil Everything
SkeetSkeet100+, F
@deadgerbil I know everything....
Film him, then market him

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