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18 signs you're a free spirit!

Looking for signs that you’re a free spirit? You’re in the right place! Being a free spirit in a world of followers can be difficult. But the meaning of “free spirit” is something as diverse and varied as the women who call themselves this. So let’s answer the question “What does Free Spirit mean?” and check out 18 signs that you’re a free spirit!

What is the meaning of “free spirit”?

A free spirited person is someone who is uninhibited by traditional society structures. A free spirit might go with the flow, embrace spontaneity, reject conformity, and live her life in an unconventional way. She says what she means and is simultaneously gentle and strong. She is spirited and free.

The opposite of a free spirit is someone who follows all the rules. She is mainstream, calculated, and precise. This kind of person always plans everything to perfection, and they uphold all expectations and pressure that society puts on them, even exceeds them.

They might be highly ambitious and ruthless, or they might be the traditional “good girl”, who tries to please everyone around them. People who are the opposite of free-spirited will be incredibly self-sacrificing.

Free Spirit Sign #1: You follow your gut
#2. You don’t let societal pressures influence you
#3: You wear what you like
#4: You don’t follow mainstream culture
#5. You don’t care about being a “good girl”
#6: You feel uninhibited and free
#7. You love traveling and learning new cultures
#8: You don’t compare yourself to others
#9. You use bold adjectives to describe yourself
#10: You go with the flow
#11. You’re considered unconventional
#12. You’re incredibly passionate
#13: You love daydreaming
#14: You love unconditionally
#15. You have a tribe of very close, loyal friends
#16. You let go of something that’s not meant for you
#17: You embrace growing older
When you're a free spirit, growing old is a pleasure that you embrace to the fullest
#18. You don’t mind being alone
My score is 10/18. I worry about not being a 'good girl' and that keeps me from feeling free. Sometimes I do the comparison thing, because I was raised that way. I am unable to daydream, but I was a dreamer once. These days, I am a realist. I do not love unconditionally. Once people get on my bad side, they are gonzo or else. I don't have a tribe of friends, and I am not wild about the aging process.
This is my lifelong, Individual program plan. The "Free Spirit" the ultimate and achievable goal.

Items numbered are the objectives by which the goal is achieved. Most all of the ones listed have been achieved. A few perhaps revised or modified for special considerations. It's nice to see this written out in simple language anyone can follow. I hope young people will appreciate and hopefully, a few will print this out or copy it. To know and embrace these things is nothing less than life changing.

Humankind has come to a crossroads (this will sound overly dramatic to some) This program plan will either resonate with you and motivate you into action, allow you to transcend into a higher plane of existence or be ignored, dismissed as some lame "New Age" treatise of little value.

A free spirit knows the earth mother is dying and will seek to participate in her healing. I hope some young people will read this and recognize the truth. Free spirits are our hope. Our last hope.
GLITTER · 36-40, F
I didn’t even need to read them to know I am 😌
Most of these things you wrote here are impossible in real life.
Like 'dont compare with others'. Everyone compares himself/herself with someone. Humans are social creatures with a complex consciousness and brain. Comparison brings competition and competition bvrings evolution. Only dead don't compare with others.

Freedom of any kind also has a boundary.
Sepia · 36-40, F
Secretly I AM. A lot fail to see. I am so good at escaping loooooollll
summersong · F
Everything except 8, 16 and 17. Not bad.
Gangstress · 41-45, F
I have a lot of those traits, interesting
Yes, cept I'm not a she..
@checkoutanytime hahaha it shouldn't talk only about women. 😁😁
I seem to have lots of those traits.
Yes, except 7 & 9
Lacemaker · 41-45, F
Yeah, I'm most of them!
I definitely am
Konicha605 · 22-25, F
guess I m half of that lol

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