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All things duality

Materially rich vs spiritually poor.

Jesus " a house(you, govt, a nation) divided will fall" divided is 2

Jesus " you cannot take two garments on your journey" 2 is 2.

Jesus " you may not serve two masters, you will love the one and hate the other" 2 is 2

Jesus " no one can serve god(spiritual) and money(material)

This isnt about religion, it's a out harmony with creation..

You all try to ride a horse two directions, you think you accomplish much , but all you e created is in peril and about to collapse.

Prepare to meet thy God. Grace will save you and many of your cherished abominations but money isnt going to make it.

Your govt murdered the last man who tried to warn you of their wicked cabal.. this covid vax is the last nail in your coffin .. gods about to take vengeance on your leaders and all your sin. He judges not the person but the sin ; I pity those unwilling to separate from their sin.

The mark of the beast...

like words: mark, money, dollar, coin, credit, currency, stamp.. I pity your ignorance..
Penny · 46-50, F
did you take a lot of acid in your life?
@Penny I did and I meant it too.
Penny · 46-50, F
@Jdanielb but how does the vaccine have anything to do with money? its like free. i am scheduled for my first pfizer dose tomorrow. i suppose insurance pays big pharma? thats out of my range of thought lol.
@Penny it's impossible to convince somebody of something they don't want to be convinced of. People aren't asking the right questions or seeing the right things.

1. Why does Bill Gates a computer software programmer, suddenly become the MINISTER propagating for the vaxx?

2. Why does Bill Gates have 4.5 billion invested in a FREE VACCINE, that generates him no profit?

3. Why does a pandemic need propaganda. If people are In a pandemic , wont I know it by the illnesses..

4. I have met no person myself who claims to have covid with more than the flu symptoms.
And I've only met two that claim to even have had covid. I've met 10s of thousands of people since the pandemic.

Sciences and money are connected.. or Bill Gates wouldn't be the minister.

They have never separated the masses, in this way. They have people dependent on money and the system and they are already in places, restricting access to non vaxed. People will lose jobs and not be permitted to shop for necessities..

I have heard.. 3 drs speak out against it, and two of those have said it contains sequencing to modify your dna and CONNECT TO YOU BIO READINGS AND CRYPTO " CURRENCY". .

Just be safe and be informed.. I could link some videos if you want to hear them for youfself... ..

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