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Im a horrible kid

I lied to everyone about my mother and now they think she's a bad mom cause I said one bad thing and the guilt is eating me alive I wanna tell her but I can't I just can't when i got home today she bought me everything i like and she posted me i wanna confess and apologize i cant do this anymore...
The only way to free yourself from this is to tell everyone that you lied about her. You feel miserable about it now and wish you could take it all back.
If they ask, tell them why you did it. For instance, perhaps you were angry with her over something particular and wanted revenge.

After you've told them, then tell her,
say you're sorry,
and you've confessed and corrected it with those you told,
and you've learned your lessons about lying and revenge.

Accepting responsibility and the consequences for one's actions is a major part of growing up.

You have a good conscience, so let it be your guide.
@AlinaMm You're welcome!
It would be nice to hear back sometime about what you decided and how it worked out.
AlinaMm · 18-21
@hartfire Were good now
@AlinaMm So glad to hear it worked out okay.
Sjones13 · 41-45, M
You should be honest & confess what happened
leahlikes · 18-21, F
Sometimes it's good to confess and get things off your chest , personally I don't think this is one of them she will probably be hurt even deeper I would keep it to myself and make it up to her at every opportunity and learn from your mistake
AlinaMm · 18-21
@leahlikes Thanks ill do my best , ive learned from it and ill do better
That's why I don't like to talk about my marriage online. I don't mind telling people that I cheated because it was a long time ago, it's over and I've moved on and I like to disclose it in case they find out later.
deadgerbil · 22-25
You need to be honest about what you did. You're grown enough to know better, no excuses, be accountable for your actions
DiegoWolfe · 36-40
so go to her and cry and tell her you are sorry and that you love her, and post publically you lied and then just go silent a while
Caoimhe79873 · 36-40, F
why did you tell lies about your mom
AlinaMm · 18-21
@Caoimhe79873 idk I was angry and frustrated with her, you the saying one lie leads to another but I've decided to fess up to the ppl I lied to
Caoimhe79873 · 36-40, F
@AlinaMm be nice to your mom she wont be here forever
AlinaMm · 18-21
@Caoimhe79873 ill do the best i can

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