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The love of children

for those who proclaim
they’ve grown weary of children
there are no flowers

~ Matsuo Basho

So true. It is the sight of young children that in part keeps my mind/heart fresh and young in spite of the advancing years.

Any others share this?

I don't have children, but if I had children I'd want them following those fields, sewing their hearts in those fields of flowers, as it's the only time they will have, and the more they take those fields in, they'll remember them upon when they have children, let their children grow,and see the beauty of life is the gain of giving yourself to the only thing we know of life really, nature. Adults make mystics of what children yearn, and without question see, the children laugh and play.
Dv8rs · 18-21, F
Children are always looking forward, to the next birthday, next grade, which enables them to move forward, and grow. Once we become old we start looking back, to our memories when we were young, and having fun. It's fine to have fond memories, but detrimental to our health to live in the past, because the past doesn't allow one to move forward.
@Dv8rs Hi, in a way, yes. But I think very young children can live very much in the moment rather than having a life of anticipations and epitaphs.
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@Dv8rs Thanks, yes!
AND, children grow up to help us in our doddering years!
AND, they can be a delight even then!
Idontdomornings · 31-35, M
I have no children right now, but my niece and nephew I love to bits.

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