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Stanley Kubrick and The movie 'The Shining'

A long-running conspiracy theory maintains that Stanley Kubrick helped NASA to fake the Moon landing. Stanley Kubrick used the movie 'The Shining' to explain or show hints to his fake landing. It is well documented on the web but do you believe it ???
Nitedoc · 51-55, M
No I don't. Those astronauts have said they were threatened with theirs with their families lives if they ever told what they really saw on the moon. If you watch the first news conference with them when they came back it is pretty strange. They all looked very down and spoke very carefully. It just didn't look right. Like it was all staged and they said what they were told to say. I felt that something was bothering them deeply but they couldn't say what it was.
Murmurs · F
A "well documented" conspiracy theory must be a terrible conspiracy seeing as it must mean the secret is out! Of course I don't believe it. (Or, alternately, Kubrick did indeed fake the moon landings - all 6 of them presumably plus the myriad of probes before and, building on his set designs, since - but was such a perfectionist they were filmed on location).
What do you think about this? You think that's really Stanley? I damn sure don't believe anything NASA says about anything. I believe if people really went to the moon, there would be irrefutable proof of it happening and there still wouldn't be such a debate if it happened or not

Ferric67 · M
@GoToTheCompound that video seems sketchy because it's not fully head on. The old dude being interviewed is in a half shot
Harmony · 31-35
@Ferric67 I agree
DocSavage · M
I once heard that NASA faked the moon landing in order to use the money to bribe all the people who realized the earth is really a flat disc.
And there is another continent where the South Pole should be.
Nitedoc · 51-55, M
@DocSavage I never got a cut.

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