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I Believe In Aliens

I certainly do! In this whole infinite universe we are not the only ones,as religion would have us believe.There is so much we do not know, science and technologies far more advanced than ours and as far as we have come our science is still in its infancy as compared to theirs,but we tend to measure everything by our limited knowledge and refuse to believe or accept the possibility of far more advanced civilizations not of this earth.Yes I believe our earth was visited by beings from other universes, many times over,but it has been kept from our knowledge for several reasons.
Those advanced civilizations would not harm us,they probably are watching our evolution and how long it will take for us humans to bring on the demise of our planet,leaving us to it,having known for a a long time now that we cannot be helped.That we did not follow the same path that brought them to a higher knowledge that opens doors that can only be opened by a spirituality and integrity that has always been lacking within the fabric of the more powerful and leading civilizations on this Earth.
Why is it that life on other planets always have to be far superior than ours??? What if WE are the advanced species, and they are still in the dark ages?
#2, If aliens have visited, don't you think at least one of the 14,000 satellites circling earth would have picked it up?
And don't say "government coverup" because the majority of satellites are privately owned, and most of those are news outlets. Don't you think they would want the exclusive?
It just doesn't make sense. If there is life on other planets, which I believe there is, it's probably in the form of bacteria.
berangere · 80-89, F
Thank you for sharing that fascinating article.It reads so true to me! Our fate certainly appears to be in the wrong hands.The manipulation exerted by those in power is diabolical and just to satisfy the ego and the continuing acquisition of wealth and power of a few.But a few totally lacking in integrity, moral and spiritual values.
It's a pleasure Berangere my dear lady. It makes for very interesting reading doesn't it ? And there is lots of it. :-)
berangere · 80-89, F
Lets not forget that those who aim at positions of power and who usually do acquire them ,do not get those positions to help others, but to help themselves,for the most.
"leaving us to it,having known for a a long time now that we cannot be helped."I think you are right, we cannot be the only ones, it would be too sad. I heard recently two young people talking, one of them was telling that we failed as human race. Sad thing but not totally untrue. I still have the hope that we are changing. I feel that the time for us to take a different path is very close...
berangere · 80-89, F
Wonderful,deeply moving,totally unforgettable pictures of the endurance of the human spirit.No for the most we have not failed as a specie,but those in power have failed us miserably.
Dearest Berangere, I am almost 100 per cent sure YOU REMEMBER THIS AMAZING HISTORICAL EVENT:

This, to me, inspires and gives me a lot of hope.
berangere · 80-89, F
Yes, I remember having a vague recollection of it.I wish every wars and revolutions could be settled that way!
It was not all that long ago that we believed the earth to be flat.
Now we know better, if we look at it from a purely mathematical standpoint, it is absolutely impossible that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe. I say intelligent in a very loose expression of the term...we are far too violent to be considered intelligent.
We are allowing "the powers that be...military etc." to control the message.
These same powers have made contact and reverse engineered the fallen craft so that this can be the final blow to induce the fear needed to create the "one world government".
For some very good information on this topic check out "the Disclosure Project" Dr. Steven Greer, pretty interesting stuff!!
I agree. If they wanted to wipe us Humans out they could have done so hundreds of thousands of years ago. I don't think that the universal community is going to allow us to travel very far from Earth until we learn to live in peace and stop fighting over irrelevant things like religion and culture. The astronauts that went to the moon saw something there that shouldn't have been there but they were not allowed to speak about it for security reasons.
berangere · 80-89, F
I don't know about security,but the powers that be do not appear to want the public informed about the possibility of extra-terrestials.A lot of misinformation had been circulated since Roswell.
Yes misinformation and ridicule are their methods.
berangere · 80-89, F
You believe in aliens? Well I didn't believe in faggots until I met you
berangere · 80-89, F
And he did not step on my toes as you so well put it,he was vulgar and ignorant in his reply,or didn't you actually read his reply?
berangere · 80-89, F
Yes and the same goes for "the one who is old enough to know better"!
berangere · 80-89, F
A couple of friends pointed out the hidden sarcasm in your replies,as I am not sarcastic myself I would not otherwise seen it!
And to whoever might be interested or even slightly curious, there is a book. called - "Extraterrestrial Vision - Who is here and why" by Gina Lake. Even if you are a bit skeptical, you will feel in your gut that there is some truth in those pages. Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a fantastic new year!
Indeed, this universe is too vast to think that we are alone. I would also think that those advanced enough to visit may think to care to be discrete or to not interfere with the natural evolution of the earth based lifeforms.
Thank you for sharing such thought provoking views.
they avoid us because some of us will consider them gods, this leading to creation of new religions and more confusions and finally more wars
berangere · 80-89, F
You have a point there.They know us too well.
they learn from their own mistakes...the same thing happened with Zeus, Ra, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha etc
Many believe they are here amount us.... Watching and waiting for something...waiting for us to make peace and to treat the planet with respect....
I believe they are demons in disguise!!
berangere · 80-89, F
You only interpret the bible how you wish to interpret it in other words we only see WHAT WE WANT TO SEE.
It is interesting to note that certain books of the Apocrypha (books that were excluded from or removed from the bible) tell of aliens. Like the book of Enoch.
berangere · 80-89, F
Of course they would be removed from the bible anything that would not suit a certain agenda was removed from the bible or excluded from it.
I believe there is a distinct possibility that we are being watched, and other civilisations will contact us when we are ready.
I believe in them too! My mom has even had an experience once!
Please tell us more, I would really appreciate it very much! Wishing you all the best!
Well, my mom won't tell me what happened, but she has had an experience. I ask her about it all the time, but she always says that she'll tell me when I'm older.
I completely agree with you!
We are a bunch of ants in colonies--

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