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A man in Australia 馃 used his buzzsaw to amputate another's leg, apparently at the latter's request. The amputee died at the scene. ~

What kind of weird stuff goes on in Australia? Is this the result of guns being illegal?
@RedBaron was not sure of all the facts of why this was necessary but what a crazy thing to do . can understand why he died as an amputation done in such a amateur and lack lustre fashion was only going to end in disaster
I think it's a result being drunk or stupid or both or something totally different.

Also guns are not illegal in Australia.
@Ihopetolivehappily Darwinism at work?
He probably got bit by something poisonous and needed the limb remove. I'm pretty sure that happens all the time in australia
Assisted suicide by chainsaw seems pretty inhumane compared to using a gun.
helenS36-40, F
Maybe the result of too much Foster's?
Australia is a home for England's crazies / criminals and misfits - it's no wonder they have morphed to a bunch of unpredictable weirdos. There is a reason why those people live so far away.
This happens from time to time [youtube=]

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