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Did Joe Biden throw the debate?

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Does anybody else think Joe Biden threw the debate?

Let me lay this out for you guys. There's a strong possibility Joe Biden threw the debate. Donald Trump came out aggressively spewing a stream of lies, apparently hitting Joe Biden with everything he could. And Joe Biden didn’t answer. And all the talking heads were going absolutely nuts. Some called for Joe Biden to resign. The next day Joe Biden made a campaign speech, looking as charming as Ric Flair.

Back in the days Mohammed Ali had a tactic known as the rope-a-dope. During the match he leaned back on the top rope while his opponent burned himself out trying to land hits. Successful hits required extending his reach. And Ali preserved his energy by resting on the rope. After Ali's opponent burned himself out, Ali finished the fight.

So what does this have to do with the debate? Barack Obama did the same thing on his first debate against Mitt Romney. He took Romney's hits and the second debate performed better, ultimately winning re-election.

I think there's a strong possibility that Joe Biden threw the debate.

Will somebody prove me wrong?

(No cheap shots or grab-ass answers or MAGA mantras please.)

So did Joe Biden throw the debate?
This is too funny 🤣
Nobody told Obama to resign. The media pundits didn't freak out over Obama's performance. Obama didn't say completely incoherent things like "we finally beat medicare." Obama didn't stare off into space with that classic look of dementia. If you think Biden's debate debacle was some sort of "tactic" then I got ocean front property in Nebraska for sale.
Prisoner1972 · 51-55, MVIP
@BizSuitStacy you do have a valid point about beating medicare.

Keep in mind Donald Trump likewise says unhinged things. 4th of July speech he said Continental Army retook the airports.


26 March 2015 he tweeted "Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl should face the death penalty for desertion" despite the fact he was merely running for president then, to put out a statement like that, simply shows a man who does not understand how Military Justice operates. And belives that he is the law. And I will admit that's minor. But a sign of what is to come.

Donald Trump's commitment to be a dictator on day one is extremely disturbing.

Donald Trump suggested to have Liz Cheney tried in a televised military

tribunal [media=]

And Trump vows for revenge and retribution.


So which candidate is worse?
1. An old man who knows he's old man and shouldn't have debated a convicted felon?
2. An unhinged convicted felon (almost as old) who vows to be a dictator on day one, serving up revenge and retribution at his unhinged discretion?
3. Kennedy, the independent (and US has not had an independent since George washington. So that ain't going to happen.)
The more the Democrats call for him to step down, the more I wonder.
The worst thing Trump could do is give Biden and the media a do-over.
Patriot96 · 56-60, C
Pedo Pete wont be around for a second debate
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4meAndyou · F
Nope. No one can act that well...his mumbles can't be duplicated by someone pretending. He was pale as a dead fish...and now that his aides are applying bronzer he almost looks healthy. I think he really did try, and I don't think it was planned. 16 staff members spent a whole week drilling him.
I'm mystified too!

Do you look at photos of Trump while jacking off? You seem to have a real hard on for him.

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